Thursday, October 9

Still October

Indoor swimming:
Garrin was absolutely thrilled to be back with Debbie.
Do you think a two year old knows how to show off?
Well he did. He was so excited to show Debbie, and Kimmy and Dennis,
how much he learned from Bill over the summer. He has certainly gained a lot
of confidence in the water.

Now for the outdoor swimming.
Our backyard wasn't done last time Kimmy and Dennis were out.
So they were anxious to go in the pool.
Now to be honest, when you live here and are used
to the water being 90, going in in mid-October is not
something I really want to do.
So I didn't.
Matthew enjoyed going in, only after the water warmed up a bit.

The only thing these desert-dwellers like to do in the pool
in October, is float a (fake) dead body in it
for our Halloween parties!!


Jerolyn said...


Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Look at Garrin swim!! He is ready for the butterfly!! WOW Garrin good job!!

Allison said...

So what was the water temp? Love those pics of Kimmy and Matthew.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that IS hard to believe yall were IN THE POOL!

Garrin is a fish for sure! :)
so cute

okay... do you & your sis look alike or what! yes!