Monday, October 20

Step away from the thermostat, Gini......

uhhhhh...........isn't it the 20th of October??
I am NOT complaining, mind you.
But when it is this warm and I have just finished a summer
of paying NV power $(I am not even going to write that figure down)
for the last 4 months,
I need to just tell myself it is OK that the temp in the house
was up to 85 today......
It is NEVER 85 in the house in the summertime..
Here is this weeks forecast:


Shelly... said...

I love living here! Except for NV Power. The bills this summer...yikes!!! Good thing we are on the equal payment plan then I can pretend they aren't as bad.

LaAna said...

Wow! Now that Eddie no longer works for NV Power I can say - that is the worst run, worst managed company EVER!!! But glad there's some relief in sight for you guys.

Jerolyn said...

I Likey Pleasant!!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

I am ready for a freezing cold, hot chocolate and not being able to go outside to do anything other than make snow men and have a wicked snowball fight! No likey pleasant anymore this year. (sorry jerolyn, I couldn't resist!)

Jerolyn said...

Redhead, I'll take the hot chocolate too please, but being from no likey~

*starting your car 20 minutes
before you can leave anywhere

*scraping windshields

*shoveling walks

*slippery roads

*slippery sidewalks

*cold fingers

*cold toes

*cold nose

I do likey looking at snow though!

Kim said...

Where was that weather when we were out there?? Man, we always bring craziness with us....

OK, let's compare - it was 28 degrees here this morning, and it's warmed up to a toasty 51. Just a little bit different..

Redhead in Vegas said...

Don't you just get a hankering to

*put on a sweater and not feel like you are going to pass out?

*put on a pair of closed toe shoes BEFORE January

* not have to start your car and let the air conditioner run for 20 minutes before you get in

I know you are all saying, "well then MOVE already!" I wish I could follow (not literally) Allison and clan, but alas,I am stuck. Here. In the desert. At least I have you all to make it bearable.

Jerolyn said...

Ummmm that would be a big, fat, flip flop wearing, tank top lovin'


but that's just me. Eight years living here and my blood has thinned.
One day at Mt. Charleston playing in the snow, and I'm good to go for another year. Hang in there, it will cool off here in say about 60 days! haha.

Denise said...

I would trade Vegas weather for Boston weather any flip floppin time. Oh, and I love the music, Gin.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

breezy AND pleasant!

soak it up gf!

Denise said...

Actually - I meant that the other way around! I WANT Vegas weather.