Tuesday, October 21

oops, I forgot.

I was tagged by my sister-in-law.

like, I don't know,
last week or something....

I think it was last week....
maybe it was the week before...

(maybe sh#t like that is why I have a cold sore....)

Here goes.

Seven Things I Want To Do Before I Die

1. Own a home on the beach, preferably a Caribbean beach
2. Go to Italy
3. Vacation with just my husband
4. Get down to a "happy" weight and stay there for more than 5 seconds
5. Open another flower shop
6. Win the lottery, 'cause living here and throwing 20 bucks in a slot machine once every 2 or 3 months isn't doin' it for me.
7. Live long enough to see my children as adults and decide if I did a good job or not.

Seven Things I Can Do

1. Multi-Task exceptionally well.
2. Arrange a mean bouquet of flowers.....quickly and precisely.
3. Get up at 5am most mornings and go to the gym.
4. Drink coffee all stinking day, and night for that matter.
5. Raise 3 kids knowing if I had another I could do that too....
6. Find the sane way to keep it all together, during moments when I am thinking "what the hell am I doing????"
7. Be the biggest fan of my kids, all the while looking like a total ass, or at least a lunatic!

Seven Things I Can't Do

1. Swim as well as my kids. I just don't have the coordination.
2. Speak a foreign language, though as a kid, could understand most Sicilian that was spoken in our home, especially the curse words.
3. Keep my house clean for any extended amount of time.
4. Stop any of my OCD talents - yes, I am calling them talents.
5. Get my kids to school early. We are not ever late - but we are always on the run, for some reason...........
6. Keep my mouth shut, sometimes.
7. Love my husband and my kids anymore than I already do.

Seven Things That Attracted Me To My Hubby

1. His legs
2. His eyes
3. His lips
4. His dedication to bettering his life.
5. His dedication to making me his.....
6. His love for the beach.
7. His legs......did I say that already?

Seven Things I Say Most Often

1. You are sh*tt*ing/kidding me?
2. Whatever....
3. uhhhh...............NO.
4. get out?!/no way?!
5. Let's go, Hannah/Connor/Garrin. We are gonna be late?
6. Buh Bye
7. Thank You. No, really. One good thing actually comes out of my mouth.

Seven Celebrity Crushes

1. Seal, of course.
2. I can't think of anyone but Seal.
3. I like Seal.
4. Maybe Seal.
5. uhhhh.........Seal?
6. Seal.
7. Just Seal, I guess.........

So that's it.
More insight into ME.

I am not tagging.
Tag yourself, if you so choose to.

It was pretty fun, actually.

That's all folks. I'll be here all week.


Jerolyn said...

I am not going to check your blog for 8 more days when hopefully you'll take that creepy music off your blog. I mean it's late and I have to walk from here to my bedroom in the dark... all by myself...and I'm frightened!!!

Buh Bye!!!

Kim said...

Love your responses, and yes, I can hear you saying all 7 of those things.

I've been working on my response for a week - it was harder than I thought it would be. Hopefully I'll finish it soon.

Denise said...

It took me a week to finish mine, too! Loved your responses and I can definitely hear those statements coming from you. I LOVE the music!!

Allison said...

OK, so the music is creepy but having never SEEN the Exorcist bcause I am such a chicken sh*t, it doesn't frighten me that badly. I have decided I can only watch scary movies with Bill, because he laughs so much at the stupid effects that I can actually peer out from behind my hands. And YES great meme!

Anonymous said...

#5 on the things you can do . . . is that a hint !!! ;-) Baby fever !!!

Jason Roth said...

I'd like a beach house in the Caribbean as well. We definitely need to win the lottery.

Dennis said...

I agree; I love watching scary movies with Bill!