Friday, October 3

My New B.F.F.

Let me just introduce you to
The Oval Mirror
Does anyone have an oval shaped mirror?
Well we do in our downstairs bathroom.
I have to say that things look so much different
from that perspective. It is almost like magic, I say!

So here is a sample conversation with me and my new best friend.

Gini - "hmmm. I just looked at myself in the mirror upstairs."

Oval Mirror - "Now, now Gini. Why would you go and do something as
ridiculous as that?"

Gini - "For the simple reason that that is where I get dressed, is all."

Oval Mirror - "And what did Vertical Mirror say this morning?"

Gini - "It said 'Dang, girl - your butt is big. Looks a little bigger than it did yesterday.
Working out with your trainer does nothing for those thighs if you come home
and eat carbs all day!' "

Oval Mirror - "Well, there you go. What do you expect from Vertical Mirror? Come to
me baby. Look - you look so much thinner here. Stand up on Garrin's little step stool,
and get closer. Your butt isn't so big now, is it?"

Everyone needs to go out and buy an oval mirror.......


LaAna said...

WOW!!! Oval Mirror is right. We have that same mirror in our downstairs bath and now (after seeing the difference for myself) I'm thinking out with the square!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... i'm heading to the 1/2 bath... pleeeeease let my oval mirror be sweet!

Kim said...

I'll be taking over that bathroom (and mirror) when I get there next week!