Tuesday, October 28

My Mother-In-Law

Today is my mother-in-laws birthday and I wanted to have a post just for her.
Happy Day today, Mom. We love you.
We miss you. We can't wait to see you for Christmas.

I am lucky enough to say that I actually
love my mother-in-law. We do not happen to fall into
the stereo-typical daughter-in-law vs. mother-in-law category, thank goodness.
I sometimes wish my mother was still alive, so Bill
could be as fortunate as me, to have such a good and kind
I have been able to see my mother-in-law in many different stages,
and learn to appreciate her in each and every one.
My husbands mother, first and foremost.
My mother-in-law,
and lastly
my kids grandmother.
The latter is my favorite.
I love watching my kids with her.
I love how they can love her through the miles that separate us most of the year,
when they see her, it's like she has been here all along. They pick right up where
they left off. Funny how, even Garrin, being so young, just snuggles right up to her
when he sees her.
I love watching her watch my kids - making sure she takes in every second she is with them,
as to not miss a thing, and to fill her full-up until we see her again.
I love watching her marvel in everything they do - swimming, soccer, school..
being the proud grandmother, all the while.
I love that she has no problem fitting right into our busy, hectic, crazy life.

I love that she has much patience.

I love that she enjoys my kids, even when they are monsters.

I love that she always wants to visit.

I just love her.
Thanks for being a great mom, and grandmother!!
happy birthday


Kim said...

Happy Birthday, Nancy! Hope you have a great day!

I hear you, Gin. You hear some real horror stories about mothers-in-law. We really lucked out with ours!!

I often think, too, about what Dennis not having a mother-in-law. She'd have been a good one, don't you think?

Kim said...

Nice typing. Disregard the "what" in the second to last sentence.

Jerolyn said...

Very lovely tribute!

Jason Roth said...

Happy B-Day MIL!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

how cool is that...

hAppY bIrThdAy to your
husbands mom...
mother in law...
your kids awesome grandmother!

Allison said...

Happy HAPPY Birthday, Nancy!

Chris said...

Happy Birthday Meme, what are you like 40 now? Hey Gin, did you finally get Garrin to drive himself to school? Looks like it in that picture.