Wednesday, October 29

A Love Story

I have been inspired by so many blogs,
that take time from bragging about their kids to actually tell a story.
And I think it is time for me. This story is the story of how Bill and I fell in love.
It began all those years ago.
We were, let's say it all together.........
It brings tears to my eyes,
recalling a love that would only grow
stronger and better, as the years progressed.
It took a little digging, but I found our yearbook pictures.

It didn't stop there.
We attended the same college.
I stumbled upon some photos from a dance we attended,
I am laughing just thinking about it -

OK - I just can't write another word. I am laughing so hard
I may have peed myself.

This is obviously all a bunch of crap.
BSU ???
(bullsh*t university)

I spent way too much time that I really can't spare
this afternoon, playing on
and had a fricken blast!!!!


Jerolyn said...

K' I know you wayyyyy TOO WELL when I knew right away (before you explained it)that BSU did not stand for Boise State University but rather.....

BullSh*t University!

You're a nut...that's why I love you so!

LaAna said...

Ok, now we all know that you could totally ROCK a fro! Funny!!!

Jason Roth said...

I love that web site. My pics were so funny. That reminds me, I haven't shared them yet.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

that site is something else!

looking FLY mama!

Kim said...

LOVE those pictures! I had a blast with that site last night so I'll have to post some of my favorites. I'll have to work on Dennis' pics...

Chris said...

That is so damn funny....