Tuesday, October 7

I just needed to MELLOW OUT, man.

I am going to try to describe this the best way possible.
For me, it was a very weird experience.

I had an MRI done on my right shoulder.
I've never had an MRI, but I have heard a lot of
people talk about them. Especially the fact
that they feel claustrophobic. I remember vividly, my uncle
telling me of his experience, and just listening to him
tell me about it, freaked me out. Freaked out
for his sake.

I do not consider myself claustrophobic.
Not in the least bit.

So I lay down on this table with my head near "that hole".
The guy takes like 15 minutes adjusting my shoulder, my
arm, my butt, my head, until I was just right.

Just before I started moving toward "the hole",
he put on me, this gigantic set of fuzzy headphones.
OK - Music
I'm good with that.
A little Aerosmith playing - "Janie's Got A Gun"
I'm good with that too.

Then I start moving into "the damn hole".


bad move

So I quickly shut them because I really didn't like seeing
how "in the hole" I was going......
After I closed my eyes, all I could see (under my eyelids)
were these psychedelic waves of sort.

Kinda weird.
Kinda screw-y.
Kinda made me sick to my stomach.

I took a couple of very deep breaths,
and started getting into the music.
I kept imagining myself on the Rock-N-Roller Coaster
at Disney World, in which they play
Aerosmith songs while you are screaming and
having fun.

That's all it took.
For about 40 minutes.

Thank God it's over.


Kim said...

That's freakin' me right out just thinking about it.

Good move envisioning the Rock and Roller Coaster. I love that thing! But, not sure I'd want to ride it for 40 minutes! Glad it's over for you.

Allison said...

That sounds pretty stressful--I'm glad you got your shoulder checked out and I am hoping that it isn't anything big. Results?

LaAna said...

And I get claustrophobic sitting on airplanes! Don't think I could even look at the machine, let alone strap in for a 40 min "ride." Glad you made it out!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

girl... first off... MRI... your shoulder... results?

second... there is NO way i could do that... not possible... i WOULD FREAK! freak!

third... i am so glad it is over for you... forty minutes... that's crazy! that is our latest technology!

Jason Roth said...

I'm extremely claustrophobic. I would have been freaking out...big time...even with music.

Jerolyn said...

Hello... do we know yet if your arm is salvageable? Are they going to amputate or not? If in fact you're going to be ok...ask Bill if I can have Heidi. I mean you won't need her right?