Thursday, October 23


de·cid·u·ous [ di síjjoo əss ]

1. shedding leaves in fall: describes trees and bushes that shed their leaves in the fall
2. of deciduous trees: describes a forest or wood that is composed mostly of deciduous trees
3. shed after developmental stage: describes the teeth, antlers, or wings of animals and birds that are shed after a stage of development
4. shed easily or at intervals: describes the scales of fish that are shed easily or at intervals

I guess I kind of didn't really care about the word "deciduous" when I lived back on the east coast. Fall came and we took it for what it was. The leaves changed colors and fell from the trees. Wintertime, all was barren except the evergreens.

When we moved here and bought our first home, we actually had choices in landscaping since we were solely responsible for it's upkeep. And we ('cause we are lazy and/or don't have the time) have always chosen to have trees that are NOT deciduous.

Until now.

Now we didn't just plant one of these trees - we planted 4.
Purple Robe Locust.
It boasts a gorgeous grouping of flowers in the spring and early summer, of which we fell in love with.

Zoom in and look.


The beginning of the end of this tree.

Soon it will be dropping all its leaves.
But we are not fretting because we have this big boy....
to suck up anything and everything that falls on the ground from our 4 small trees
that are NOT deciduous.
Anyhoo - the leaves are very slowly starting to turn. Our "peak" isn't until Mid December usually. So we have a ways to go yet.
As I read my family's blogs and miss all the beauty that accompanies autumn, I looked around our yard and thought that this is just how it is here, and I love it for what it is. Different, is all.
Here are some pictures of the yard.
(side note: No pumpkins yet, for us. The temps are still in the mid 80's and I choose to wait, so I am not cleaning up a rotting mess. This weekend though - Walmart - $3.50 a piece. No fun associated with that task around here!!!)

What a great time of year!


LaAna said...

Your yard is so beautiful! I really don't have a green thumb! Even HERE I killed the 2 plants I bought - how that is even possible, I haven't a clue!

LaAna said...

PS That music is totally creeping me out!!!

Jerolyn said...

Crap I just tried to post a comment and it didn't post.It was funny too dang it. It said something like you suck your wait you're such a green thumb, and how you're a wait your yard is always so lush and beautiful and something about freezing your arse off back east, yadda yadda yadda.

We'll see if this goes~~~

Denise said...

Ok; did Blogger do a re-design or something? I digress...your yard is absolutely gorgeous and perfect. Sure, fall here is pretty but it is almost over and then we have WINTER - Booooo! Honestly, I will take less foliage for less sub zero weather.

Kim said...

Looks great, Gin! Nice job with the pictures, too.

When we were out there this time, everything looked different to me. I'm sure it wasn't, but since we just chilled this trip, I was able to notice how beautiful the mountains were. Every place has its highs and lows.