Saturday, September 27

So Alike, Yet So Different

You know what I am talking about, when I say,
as adults, taking that "alone time" with a good book,
or even a great magazine, is just what it is.
Nice relaxing, quiet time.

With kids these days, quiet time is all about the electronics.
You know, the iPods, the texting with the cell phones,
the handheld video games. It's just not the same
quiet time that we like.

For example.


Jerolyn said...

Laughing me arse off!

Kim said...

Too funny! I like how he doesn't notice you're there until you say something to him!

Jerolyn said...

just checked back to laugh me arse off some more!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Very cute. Chris was just saying last night how he is not "allowed" to bring his cell phone with him to the bathroom . . .

LaAna said...

Now that boy is a multitasker if I ever saw one, which we all know is rare for his gender!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

darn... couln't get video... but the pic itself is priceless!

store that on a special shelf for his wife!