Monday, September 22

The Seal Concert

Huge weekend.
Lot goin' on.
Gonna start with the
Seal Concert.
It wasn't that good.
I sat in my seat all night,
respecting the fact that others
behind me, should see and hear
the concert without some crazy
person, standing up, dancing, screaming,
I did not rush the stage like the first
five rows of people did, because the
security guards allowed them to and
even though Bill and I were in the third row.
I did not see anyone there I knew from
I did not go home hoarse and sweaty,
you know,
since I stayed in my seat
didn't rush the stage
didn't sing
didn't dance
and best most of all.....
didn't t. t. t .t ..touch his hand while he sang to me looking directly into my eyes....
Any comments?


Tutta la Storia said...

That's just gotta be total b.s. I was thinking about you Saturday night but did not call yesterday as I was sure you would have no voice with which to answer the phone.

iVegasFamily said...

We were in Calif. this weekend, so we didn't make it to GVR to see him. Was Heidi there too?

LaAna said...

Too COOL! Like Seal says, "You're never gonna survive unless... you get a little CRAZY!" I'd say advise taken.

Jerolyn said...



Gini said...

Heidi who?? Just kidding. Didn't see her. But Andre Agassi and Stefi Graf were there.

Bill said...

Heidi.... my new house helper!!!

Kim said...

Yeah, not buyin' it....

Denise said...

Liar Liar Pants on Fire! Do NOT wash that hand!!

Jerolyn said...

Puh Leeze~He's held your hand and sung to you sooo many times, it's probably getting SO old by now eh?

Hell you're probably on a first name basis by now~

"Sup Seal?"

"Oh Hey Gin, how you be Girrrl?"