Friday, September 12

middle school rocks!

or so Hannah thinks.
Today was mix and match day at school. The kids earned this fun
day with some awesome magazine sales numbers for their fundraiser.
Who doesn't like a day, when you can look like a total lunatic
and blend in with every one else???

OK - those are clear (plastic) Converse. She loves them.
I hate them.

Poor Connor.


Kim said...

That's just so sad....poor Connor!

Hannah, you look awesome! Love those sneakers!

Redhead in Vegas said...

I HAVE to get a pair of those Chucks, I mean, cool sneakers Hannah. You know, since you are 11 and that is probably a good age to wear see-thru chucks.

you look amazing in your new pic!

Tutta la Storia said...

OK, the Chucks work with that outfit--just better make sure her socks are always clean! Love the laces!

Jerolyn said...

Hey do your feet get sweaty in those Chucks?