Wednesday, September 24

If I die from cancer, at least my life is documented.

One whole stinking year
of my fabulous life
written down
for all the world to view.


So what the heck does one write about to pay tribute
to such an accomplishment?

Beats the hell outta me,
but here goes nothing.

The PRE-Tao of Gini?????

(chime in music.......)

I am the wife of Bill.
17 years ago we fell in love
at the most in-opportune time,
but managed to make each of our dreams
for life in general, meld together
to make this marriage one that many are envious of
and many just say "huh?".
No, seriously. We make "us" work by working hard at it.
And year after year, we just celebrate the fact
that we still truly love each other,
and are in love with each other.
"So first comes love,
then comes marriage...."
Well, we got married twice.
The first time, we eloped on a Thursday night
and invited 8 of our closest relatives.
Later on down the road, we actually got married in church.
More on that later.
We spent the first 5 of our years together
doing what all married people should do.
Stuff you can't do later when you have kids.
So we traveled a lot.
To very beautiful islands in the Caribbean.
Where I want to live someday...
making baskets or something...
We also opened a flower shop.
(WE in the sense that Bill kept his real job so we could pay the bills,
and I could have a job that I so loved going to every single solitary day. LOOOVED it!)
Even when the week days, turned into very long,
very busy week ends.
It was worth every dime I made minute spent
doing my dream job!
So then we got pregnant 5 years later,
got married in church (because it was the right thing to do)
and had Hannah Banana.
Closed the shop.
Kept the business name (and all the large accounts)
freelanced and became a mom.
Hannah was any parents dream child
(except that I wanted her to have my dark hair,
so she would in some way resemble me, way back then).
She did "everything" early.
Dang! Parenting was easy.
Then three years later we had Connor.
(no, that's not how I meant it.....)
Really, three years later it was Connor.
Then I retired.
Or so that was the joke, back then.
So we have Connor and are literally moving across the country
6 months later.
Bill's company was relocating.
Were we crazy?
Packing, nursing.
Moving and more nursing.
And then we found what would be our heaven on earth
for the next 8 years of our life.
The Desert.
I'll guess here - 360 days of sunshine?
No snow.
And this is just about when parenthood,
was kicked into overdrive.
With Hannah off to pre-school
and Connor in Nevada Early Intervention
for speech delay issues,
Bill and I became less known as Mr. and Mrs.
and more known as Mommy and Daddy.
Can you say -
Soccer, tennis, golf, swimming, gymnastics,
cooking, PTA, Speech therapists,
Disneyland, Disney World?
Let's throw in a little
build a house, start a soccer team,
start on a swim team,
get deeply involved in school and school issues...
ahhh, yah.
So what does one do?
Turn 40 and have another baby, you say?
hello, Garrin!
goodbye, the thought of every owning another flower shop....
for at least another 5 or 8 years...
at least......
Oh and wait.
When we decided to have Garrin -
uh...yah -
Sold the perfectly fine house we lived in
and built a new one.
What did I say before?
Packing and nursing?
This time.
Packing, showing the house, packing, showing the house,
helping out at school....
(this one's for you Jer)
while helping at school.....
and not leaving the hospital until 3 days later.
Garrin didn't come home with us though. A blessing when looking back,
I suppose. He was born with pneumonia.
But had to go home, so we could
finish packing, get out of our old house, and
move into a rental, 'cause the new house wasn't ready yet.
And I will admit that that was the most humbling moment of my life.
Leaving the hospital without my baby,
moving into a very small house,
not intended for 5 of us,
and learning that all those things I had packed up and
put into storage,
meant nothing really.
We survived more than OK, without all the "things" we had surrounded
ourselves with in the old house. We just wanted to be all together,
with our new baby.
And the day he came home, we knew that finally,
we were a complete family.
So the humbling part?
that was short lived
Fast forward 6 months, and we finally moved into the new house.
Our time progressively became more
We, increasingly, became more
totally digging our life.
The ups and downs
the good and the bad
the fun and the painful.

Which brings us to a year ago.
the good
the bad
the indifferent.
For one - our family near and far stays updated.
For two - our friends realize how darn funny we can be.
For three - all the strangers that read this blog can just see that
this is my life - The Tao of Gini.
And I am loving it and living it
my way.
So here's to another year of funny posts
Blatantly bragging about my Hannah,

Finally, after 43 years, I think I am OK with that.


Tutta la Storia said...

Congrats on your Blogoversary! YAY!!!! I am looking forward to another year of fabulous photos, updates on desert life and the general mayhem that calls the Herbst house home!

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

Denise said...

Happy Blogoversary to you, Gini! I loved all of your posts (great way to stay in the loop) and I look forward to many more! XO

Kim said...

Happy Blogoversary! It's been great to be able to "see" you guys this way since you're so STINKING FAR AWAY!

Nice post title, you psycho!

iVegasFamily said...

Congrats. And great post. I just learned a lot about Gini.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

well how cool is that... learned some really neat stuff about yal1... i loved that!
and of course Happy Blogoversary too!

Bill said...

holy crap!! First, reading your title makes my stomach ache.. I live with thought of this happening.. 2nd. 17 years, 3 kids, 2 houses and a BUNCH of rentals.. holy crap, where have I been?? I travel to much!! 3rd. truly looking forward to reading you over the years to come. And readers, I am not as lazy, sloppy, angry, moody, tired or not home as she implies.. I do leave my clothes in side out, but hey, how else would I know if they were clean??

much love.... Me

LaAna said...

Happy Blog-day to you! I enjoyed the fast forward version of your life and all that is yet to come!

Jerolyn said...

Great post...Glad we figured out what it's like to go into labor on your own after we already had 4 kids between us. I laughed when I read that part...took me right back to that moment of "What do we do now?" Anywho~ I enjoyed reading this post and you are a very dear friend, so no more dumb a$$ titles like that oK?!

Chris said...

Great post Gini. The large bank accounts comment was funny. I know somewhere I still have that check you wrote me for back pay that I still haven't cashed! I think it was for $250,000.00 or something like that! Miss you guys.