Tuesday, September 16

I'd give my right arm.....

All the aches and pains that become part of your everyday existence, when you are 43,

What ever happened to just getting a cold every once in a while?

And coming from someone who, I pride myself, has a very high tolerance for pain -

DAMN if my right shoulder isn't killing me.







So I've tried a little of this:
and this:
and some of this:

But in the end when all I can think about is buying one of these:

or all of these:

or go in the garage and get this:

or get one of these:

or perhaps even this:


It's time to go to the doctor.
So he asks me today,
"So Gini, what do you do with that arm that could have triggered the pain?"

I don't know - dumb ass.


lift my kid
carry my purse
push the vacuum
lift some weights
carry sh*t to school
carry in the groceries
load the dishwasher
shove laundry into the washer
steer the car
wipe down the counters
feed the dogs
dress myself

I don't know??


did I already say - "arrrrr......." ????


Bill said...

Gin.. it must suck getting old.....

iVegasFamily said...

That sucks. Don't get addicted to pain meds.

Gini said...

You're right behind me, babe....

LaAna said...

Could it be the heat? Oh, I don't know, maybe you guys could pack up and move to somewhere less hot, that's green and just a little rainy? Let me think if I know of a place....

Kim said...

'Bout time you went to the doctor.

What a dumb-ass question to ask.

Jerolyn said...

Gin, please don't sever your arm. Instead perhaps that young strapping husband of yours should take on most of your daily duties~~ beings he's so young and limber and all...I'm sure he wouldn't mind right Bill???

Tutta la Storia said...

I notice you listed "lift weights" but you didn't say "bench press 400 lbs with my Miss Over 50 Universe personal Trainer" ahem, ahem.

Bill said...

Jer... we are looking into an assisted living center for Gini. The kids and I will miss her terribly, but we understand most of these centers allow over night visitors.....I told Gini when we bought this house, for her sake we should of bought a single story house.... Know I'm faced with installing a stair lift and making room in the garage for her scooter..But for now, I will continue to carry her up to bed every night and tuck her in, wipe the drool from her lip and rub her down with ben gay.. The new maid, Heidi starts on Monday.

Jerolyn said...

Hey Bill,
You keep talking smack like that and you won't have to concern yourself with any "over night" visits with Gini pal!! haha

"wipe the drool from her lip and rub her down with ben gay"

(Gin, what were we saying about unicorns and rainbows? oh ya SEND PHOTOS SOON!) heehee!

Jerolyn said...

p.s I wouldn't hold your breath on administering any "rub downs" with any sort of medicated ointment or lubericant either!

Bill said...

Jer.. like I said... Heidi arrives on Monday.. she should lighten the load for Gini...

Jerolyn said...

Ohhhh got it...


It takes me a minute.

I understand now.