Monday, September 22

Hurtful Words

Never tell a mom, after the first day of preschool,
"He never shed a tear."

So I am not saying I wanted him to ball his head off,
nor am I saying that I was looking forward to a phone call saying
"Please come get Garrin, because he is crying inconsolably".

Just because I had a lump in my throat all morning long,
thinking about the very moment that he would realize I had left him there
at himself.......without me..........

Didn't happen.

Really, I am glad for that.
So here are the after pictures.

Mr. I-don't-take-naps-anymore.....

And here is the before:

How dang cute is the backpack?

And how about that lunchbox??

He can't wait for Wednesday.
But I can.


iVegasFamily said...

Our son doesn't even say goodbye after entering the classroom. He darts off to be with his friends and never looks back.

Kim said...

Wow - he looks so grown up! I think he might be coming down with something. He should probably stay home on Wednesday!

Denise said...

Wow! How did that happen? How did he get to be preschool age????

Jerolyn said...

Hey maybe he'll be the one consoling Ellie on the first day of school like Maggie did Conner on their first day together...OH THAT'S RIGHT, WE FRIGGEN' GOT KICKED OUT OF THAT SCHOOL...oh well maybe he can console her over the phone?!

ps~love the smile in the before pic.

Tutta la Storia said...

OMG It would KILL me to drop James off the first day. Boy Garrin is cute. I might have to steal one of those pics for my blog!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

precious pumpkin!
he must be having a ball there... while thinking of you all the while!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

btw... i can't stand missing your blog posts!