Friday, September 19

Convenience foods and a Preschooler

I am just gonna say it like it is here.
Aside from the weekends, the morning of a swim meet, and let's say...a week before the Junior Olympics, (for all of you swim coaches reading this.....ahem)
we are all about frozen breakfast items
around here.
Now I know you all think that I get home from the gym in the morning and quickly don an apron, get out the flour, and start whipping up homemade biscuits and jam for my sweet little angels every morning. And while all that is cooking, I am squeezing fresh juice from the fresh oranges I had shipped in from Florida. Shockingly - I DO NOT.
It is all about the frozen breakfast items most school days. Seriously!
We buy them all.
the mega pack of Eggo Homestyle Waffles from Costco
Toaster Strudel
Krusteaz Mini Pancakes
Jimmy Dean Breakfast Sandwiches
Batter Blaster
French Toaster Sticks
you name it
I've bought it
they've tried it.
Now keep in mind - I, for the most part, do not partake in any of these convenience items. I also do not swim 4700 yards a night like my kids do. So I need to worry about which butt cheek all these added calories may wind up on. But back to the convenience of it all.
Having these items in the freezer (bottom drawer freezer, I might add) allows my littlest one to go right in and check out what's for breakfast on any given day. Unfortunately, in addition to waffles and the like, there are bags of frozen broccoli, frozen corn, frozen shrimp, frozen mini pizzas, frozen boca burgers etc. Just way too many options for Garrin.

Mini Pizza for breakfast today.


iVegasFamily said...

Eggos and Go-gurts are the breakfasts of champions in our house.

Bill said...

one word.. pop tarts. with butter. well i guess a few words....

The Rydens said...

HA HA! This is too funny! But there are times that I guess we all have had pizza for breakfast! YUM!

Jerolyn said...

Love the saucy cheek there Garrin!!

Kim said...

Good choice, Garrin! Bill, I'm with you on the Pop Tarts, but butter? Never tried that....

Tutta la Storia said...

Hey, he is just eating like a college kid!

Redhead in Vegas said...

So, are you saying that pizza isn't a breakfast food? Hmmm, I'll have to ask Lance about that.