Wednesday, September 17

can you say....


ya. Preschool.

It's time.

Can you also say...


Here is what I wasn't looking for in a preschool.

1. Easy admission to the building. I just walked right in. No lock, no doorbell, no problem.

2. Two young girl dressed like the kids dress in middle school. And I am not talking about how my modest daughter dresses.

3. The knock-you-on-your-ass smell of urine in the room Garrin would be in, even though it is supposed to be the 3 year old - we are potty trained - room.

4. Dirty kids, dirty backpacks, dirty lunchboxes. I am talking the kind of dirty that these items get after at least 4 months at school.

5. No teacher in the room because "she's at lunch" at 10 am in the morning.

6. A diaper pail. In the room that is for the potty trained kids.

7. The schedule for the month........for August......It's September 17th.

ya - buh bye.

Here is what I was looking for in a preschool.

1. A lock on the front door. A doorbell. And someone who comes to the door and opens it once she knows I am not carrying an AK-47.

2. A handshake and a welcome. And most of all, actually remembering our phone conversation 2 days ago. And being attentive to my concern about Garrin's speech delay. Talking about it without my bringing it up first.

3. Garrin walking into the 3 year old (clean) room and getting a giant smile on his face at the sight of:

the teacher

the other kids

the toys

the books

4. Feeling right at home.

5. The love for children that the director expressed in words and actions.

6. And Garrin asking every couple of minutes "Me, Garrin, School?"

So what was this mom to do?

I asked if I could leave him there today..


Just kidding.

He starts on Monday. We get to go by a "Ka-Chow" backpack (Lightening McQueen) and lunchbox, as requested by Garrin.


LaAna said...

So that means you'll actually have some ALONE time? What will you do with yourself....

P.S. I'm glad you found some place clean and safe for your little cutie. Some of those so called pre-schools are SCARY!

Denise said...

Time is flying by SO quickly!!! That little boy is going to be a rock star in preschool. xo

Kim said...

That's just disturbing. I'm so glad you found a different place, and that it was everything you were looking for.

But, hold on a minute - are you telling me Garrin's gonna be in school while we're out there? Damnit. No, seriously, good for him. I'm so glad he's so excited about it!

Jerolyn said...

You and Kimmy talk/write just alike! especially the Damnit part hahahaha!

Tutta la Storia said...

Wow--that should be fun for Garrin, and now you'll have more time to watch Springer, eat Bon-bons, take naps and BLOG!!! Wait though--I counted, doesn't that mean you'll be up to 11 trips out in the Herbst Bus??? OUCH!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

And by the way, James asks to go for a ride in the black car EVERY SINGLE DAY. He misses you guys.