Monday, September 8

Back open for business

As of today, September 8th, 2008 we have a vacancy. Allison, James, and baby Ella have left to join my brother Christopher back in Connecticut. I just have to launder the sheets and towels, and the room is ready to go for whomever is next to visit us.
On a serious note.
Good luck to Chris and Allison and their newly expanded family and their renewed venture to Connecticut. We will miss you all.
Here are a couple of pictures that sums up the last couple of weeks.

Things will definitely be a little less colorful
around here.


Anonymous said...

They will all be missed!!! Any takers on the room????

Kim said...

Uh, yes - we'd like to make a reservation from October 8-15th, please!

Welcome back to CT Allison, James and Ella!

Great pictures, Gin!

Kim said...

OK, so don't you think Ella looks a little like Matthew? That third picture looks very similar to the picture of Matthew in your sidebar.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

my word!!!!!!!
can i eat those toes!

many blessings to them!

awe... you're gonna miss them!

Gini said...

your confirmation number for October 8-15th is:

Allison said...

Thanks for opening your home to us. Gini you are the only person I know who could somewhat successfully kep me on my butt for two weeks to insure that I heal and take it easy. Thanks for all of the homecooked meals, too!!! James is still asking to go for a ride in the black car.