Saturday, September 13

300 of their closest friends....

When you are part of a large swim team, that's what you get. 300 or so
new friends.

Today was Team Picture Day.

Here is Hannah, in a sea of blue team suits.
One more fabulous reason to be part of a big "family" like this...

you have great friends to take care of your other kids while you
are busy playing photographer.
Thanks Trish. Love ya.

Connor missed pictures today because we are 2 weeks into soccer,
and my superstar needed to be on the field instead.

Scorpions won - 6 to 0.
Whoo hoo!!!!


Kim said...

That's a lotta kids!! Congrats on the win, Connor! We can't wait to come to one of your games!

Anonymous said...

Is the team looking smaller or is it just me !!! Thanks for the shout out !!! Love ya right back !!