Tuesday, August 19

Yoga Shmoga

I took my first yoga class this morning with a couple of friends of mine. I will admit being nervous, with all three of us being newbies. I've heard of the crazy names of poses and was unsure I wanted to look like a total ass while trying to do them.

for instance

Happy Baby Pose.

Half Moon Pose.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.

Flying Crow Pose.

and of course, the Downward Dog.

Now lets face it. You've seen (pictures of) me. How do you think I get my body into these poses?

Balance. Now that is something I don't have in my life. Physically and mentally. I fell over twice. It was OK. The instructor said for "us beginners", it was OK to fall over. Phew! What a relief. I felt less of a loser.

Ok, now this one. My butt cheeks are just to big to be able to get my foot anywhere near my head. So come on, now. Let alone hold that position for a while.

Now don't even get me started on this one. I am made of skin and fat. Not rubber and more rubber. Oh well.
Anyhoo. At 5:30 in the morning I was really having a hard time with the whole
All I could think of was.
"Look lady. Let's speed things up a bit here. I need to weight train with my trainer at 6:30. Get home and get my daughter to Middle School Orientation by 8. Get home, shower. Get my mother-in-law ready to get packed up to go home this afternoon. Pick up Hannah at 11:45. Get Meme to the airport at 1. Hannah to the gym at 2. Back home by 2:30. Get ready for Hannah's swim workout at 3:50. Connor's workout at 5:30. All the while, getting sheets changed in the spare room to get it ready for Chris, Allison and James' stay for the arrival of the new baby girl tomorrow. And eat a couple of meals in the interim. I don't think I can relax"
Yoga may not be for me. Especially first thing in the morning.


Jerolyn said...

Just think in a week you can add taking and picking up 2 kids to 2 different schools, 4 times a day! Whew~~

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i just laughed out loud... hard!

too funny!

how in the world you get yourself going that early! PLEEEEEASE share with me your motivation! i need YOU to rub off on me!

Kim said...


Redhead in Vegas said...

Love me some yoga, not that I have even touched my toes in the past 18 months. You looked really good in the pic of you and Allison at the bowling alley, even if you did have a bowling ball shoved under your shirt!

Keep it up Gini!

Allison said...

Holy CRAP it was soooooo dark out when you left for the gym at the CRACK of dawn this morning! That is just awesome.