Saturday, August 9

monsoon season

July thru August is "Monsoon Season" here in the desert. So it is a welcome change from 360 days or so of sunshine, wouldn't you think? The storms here are really cool. They come on really fast and leave just as fast, or even faster. Since our house is right next to a mountain, we usually get to see some of the storms out of California sneak right up on us.
This is yesterdays.

The color of the sky was pretty cool, as the sun was setting as well.
This shot is about 5 minutes later, the same spot.

I ran outside to get these shots real quick during dinner.

I suppose it didn't matter that I wasn't at the table with the rest of my family. Apparently my kid that knows how to play playstation, can also play Nintendo DS.

Nice....during dinner, Garrin.
P.S. We never did get any rain from that storm. Crazy!


Kim said...

Awesome pictures! You guys are having some crazy weather lately.

Jerolyn said...

The storms here are CRAZY! In a matter of five minutes you go from 107 degree sun to flood to 107 degree sun again. I just want a light sprinkle to last for like one whole entire day though ...don't you?

Allison said...

OK, those pics are STUNNING. Your camera is amazing. (Even the pics of the table you sent over were amazing.)Have fun in Cali!

LaAna said...

Alright, I have this sinking feeling that in 7 months I will be posting the exact opposite wishing for a shot of sun!!!
I do love the photos and I swear there must be somethin' to that third child thing, cause they do and say stuff the others never did...

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

same kind of monsoons here i think!
crazy... all of a sudden... wild!
beautiful shows though!

Allison said...

POST ALREADY!!!! I am going through TAO withdrawal!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

have the Olympics sucked you in?

i'm obsessed! :)