Thursday, August 14

A lot in a little time

So here we are. One week since a post. Holy Batman. I must play catch up.
I will start off by apologizing that I don't know how to make those fancy collages, y'all make, so bear with me and the bunches of photos.
Meme (Bill's mom) came into town for a visit from Connecticut on Saturday. We decided to take her away and show her a bit of the west coast. Leaving then would not have been good, seeing as she'd been on a plane for...ohhh.....six hours or so. So we packed up the truck and headed BACK to CA for three days on Sunday.
Monday morning we headed directly, do not pass go, do not collect $200, for the beach. Our favorite: Crystal Cove. I must admit. I've been feeling pretty good about my camera these days. I am becoming a little more comfortable trying new things and trying to take more creative shots. The weather was picture perfect so I just sat back in my chair and shot away.
Look at this. My beautiful kids boogey-boarding again with their dad.

And this great on of Garrin. Look how blue his eyes are.

I especially love this one. Where the waves are just blurred in the background of the kids coming up the beach.

And who doesn't like a nice artsy shot of a seagull in all his glory.

What? You can't see anything?
Oh well that would be because I had no compact flash card in my camera. Didn't notice that until the NEXT FREAKIN DAY. Yup. It's at home in the card reader slot of my computer. Never put it back in the camera.
Can you say: Where's BEST BUY in this gosh darned town?

Anyhoo - had a fantastic, fabulous, fun day at the beach regardless. We all got a little too sunned-out. So decided to take off Tuesday from going back. Instead we headed to Goofy's Kitchen at Disneyland for some breakfast. Garrin was a little shy seeing the characters this time.

Isn't it funny how one time they love on them and then the next time they look like they are saying "Who is this fuzzy beast touching me?".
Hannah and Connor we're into it though.

I don't think I have ever mentioned this but

We got to celebrate a little early birthday for Connor.

That afternoon, we headed to Long Beach to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was so much fun.

The kids got right into it.
Lots to look at.
Lots to touch.
Garrin wasn't shy about that.

Since doing a project for school last year, Hannah's love for starfish has not diminished. She made me take a hundred pictures of each and everyone she saw.

How about these monsters?

Dinner anyone? Side of melted butter, perhaps?

There were tanks and tanks of jellyfish. Every time we saw a tank, those were our new favorites. I took lots of pictures of them, as well.
More starfish. This one is actually eating a clam.

Shrimp. Dang, those delicious little creatures are nasty looking before they get to the grocery store, aren't they?

Gorgeous coral.

A monstrous turtle. Just swimming, swimming.....swimming.

Speaking of swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. Thanks to Finding Nemo, there is always a tank that looks like this.

Check out this seahorse.

So awesome. Great way to spend a day off from the beach, for sure.
Wednesday, we headed back to the shore. This time with a camera and a memory card. It was a bit overcast and I just didn't seem to have the photo opportunities that I did have on Monday. Oh well. Got a few shots, nonetheless.

Walking through some tidal pools looking for creatures.

A shot looking down the beach. The west coast sure has some rocky edges.

Yes, you guessed it. Bill took this picture of this guy who caught this .... this...
fish/skate/thing. Nasty. But cool.

After leaving the beach, we headed over to see the Queen Mary. Holy crappola, that ship is big.

And that's it folks. All that in three days. Whew!


Kim said...

OK, so I'm reading this post thinking "I've got to call her ASAP to tell her the pictures didn't load". That really sucks - I'm glad my camera says "no card" if it's not in there.

Sounds like a whirlwind, but a fun time nonetheless. The starfish, coral and seahorse are my favorite. Love the pic of the kiddos on the beach.

Allison said...

Uh yeah, me too on the pics I was like "WHERE ARE THE FREAKING PICS!!!" You got me. Love the Goofy, love the starfish, not so much the skate-thingy.

Jerolyn said...

Welcome home my friend! Looks like a good time was had by all! However perhaps you should give that thar camera to Bill once in a while so's we can see a photo or two of YOU!

p.s. you got some really nice shots at the aquarium.

Denise said...

Ok; I fell for the picture thing, too! It looks like you all had a blast!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

We usually go to Laguna Beach. I never realized how close Crystal Cove is to Laguna. We will definitely have to check it out next time we go. Amazing pics, Jerolyn is right, you need to hand over the camera every once and awhile.

Anonymous said...

that is a huge thing that they caght