Friday, August 22

It's time to


It starts in Middle School. Waaaaay back when, it was High School when you were getting ready to become a little more independent of your parents. Here and Now - it's Middle School.

Took Hannah today to decorate her locker with all the stuff we spent more money on than actual school supplies . She practically ditched me as soon as we parked the car until I said "if you want to go off on your own, I could have just dropped you off out front" "don't you want to walk with your Mama, baby???" She was so excited to get inside and show me her locker and how easily she can open it. She then took me around to all her classrooms.

I write this with much sadness that my beautiful girl is leaving me happiness that my strong, beautiful, self confident, happy daughter is ready to go off and start a new chapter in her journey to becoming an adult. She is entering this without nervousness, despite my numerous, nagging questions if she is. Do you think you can find your locker OK? Do you know which door to go out to meet me at the truck after school? Are you going to carry your schedule with you the first day? Do you know where all your classes are? Do you know where the lunch room is? Are you upset that you don't have classes with any kids you know? (maybe if I type them all down, I will stop asking her.....)

I have to agree with the principal when he said to the parents of the incoming 6th graders, that it was time to cut the apron strings. She's ready.


Kim said...

I can't believe she's going to middle school. Kids grow up way too fast these days. (Or do you suppose they always have?)

She's a strong, independent, confident girl - enjoy it!

Allison said...

Remind me of this post in 11 years when I am going through this with Ella! I definitely am starting to see more of a young woman in Hannah these days. To you and Bill's credit, I see an intelligent and beautiful one!

Jerolyn said...

Cut the APRON strings? What the hell does that mean...she's going to the Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts Academy?

More like cut the stinkin' umbilical cords you crazy over protective mothers out there...
(and by "you crazy mothers" I TOTALLY mean ME!)

Let's just take a moment and drift back to that day on the kindergarten play ground 6 years ago when I glanced at you from across the dead grass and said "hey, you look just like someone I know"...and the rest is history....where did all that time go?

Unknown said...

You don't know me, but I read your blog sometimes. I'm crazy like that. (Actually, I know you cuz I'm Kim's friend, but I am still a little bit of a crazy.) Anyway - this bit about your BABY going to Middle School made me a LITTLE misty - and my baby is only going to start Pre-school. Um, yeah, and that won't be until NEXT September. Crazy stuff. I am sending you "be-strong-and-cool-but-still-mommy" vibes.
xo, Liz

Redhead in Vegas said...

Can't even imagine how you must feel. Hannah is obviously an independent girl with an amazing foundation. She'll be great and you will get through it. Just try to not get pulled over on the first day of school!

Side note: When the heck did school start going back before Labor Day? Apparently this is a new trend. I don't like it, not one bit!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i will be a basketcase!

she WILL be great... and love every minute of it!

oh the days of decorating your locker... that was so much fun!