Thursday, August 7

I have a question.

Can you ever actually walk into Target and NOT get a carriage?

I went in yesterday to look for some chair pads. I really tried to force myself past the carriages.








I just couldn't do it. I justified it by telling myself it could hold my purse. There's just something about Target that you know what you walk out with is way more than you intended on getting.

A trash basket
A pile of washcloths
A rug
Some gum
A toilet scrubber
Some picture frames

***note - chair pads did not make the purchased list.
I need 7 - they had 6***


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

if you figure out how to go in Bullseye Boutique and not have to check out... pleeeease let me know!
i have the same sickness! :)

Redhead in Vegas said...

my car is still packed from my trip to target yesterday. i did manage to spend under $100, which i consider a HUGE accomplishment. it's a disease i tell ya...

Tutta la Storia said...

Oh how I would LOVE to browse Target with SEVERAL carts today! Oh, wait, I am trying to get rid of all of my junk--not buy more!! LOL

Gini said...

Uhhh....are you implying that everything I buy at Target is junk??? Hmmmm....??

Kim said...

I hear you - it's impossible to go in there and buy only what you planned. I'm impressed that the list of what you did buy was so small. I say nicely done!

Jerolyn said...

I admit~ I too have the Target's incureable.

Tutta la Storia said...

HA--but you're the one that WANTS all my "junk" so I guess we have similar taste in "junk"! HA HA

Trish said...

Buggies must be the east coast term . . . did you go to the new one over my me . . they have shining NEW all plastic carts (I mean buggies) !!! ;-) Gini, Gini, where at thou Gini - - too many days without a post !!!

Trish said...

sorry . . carriage !! That's it . . .carriage - - that must be the East Coast word !! ;-)