Friday, August 29

Here's what needs to happen.

You need to pick up your dirty clothes
off the floor
and put them in the hamper.

You need to clean up and put away
all of your swim stuff.

You need to get all your shoes
and either put them upstairs
in your closet or at least
in the downstairs closet.

You need to pick up all you loose papers
that are laying around everywhere and
either throw them away or put them away.

You need to, in addition to your dirty clothes,
pick up all your socks that are laying around
inside out.

You need to, when you are done charging your cell phone,
put the charger away in the drawer.

You need to please, recycle your soda cans/water bottles
after you use them, so they don't just sit and collect on
the countertop.

You need to put your books
back in the bookcase.


I'm talking to you, Bill.

(seriously, this is for my kids too.)


Jerolyn said...

Oh For Floyds Sake~
William Whateveryourmiddlenameis Herbst...if she's told you once she's told you a thousand times...

Kim said...

Crackin' the whip, Gin?

Allison said...

Get off your butt and PICK UP YOUR CRAP! (And I'll get my flip flops out of the front hall, too).

Redhead in Vegas said...

and he reads this, too. Very brave!

Anonymous said...


carissa... brown eyed fox said...


your hubby sounds like a Molly Maid compared to mine.
maybe they should get together and woller in their messes! PIGS! :)

Jerolyn said...

no comment from Bill??? I am bummed about about that.

Anonymous said...

Jer... I'm staying away from this one!! Read the post prior to this... 16 years and 5 days... I want to make it to 6. But I did clean yesterday while Gini was out buying.. you know, 2 new pocketbooks, clothes, hair products, etc...and I still managed to get in the pool, get tanner than I already am before Gini got home... 16 years and counting.. Hire a maid and give up a few of the pocketbooks!

Anonymous said...

ps.. love you babe. Thanks for cleaning up after me for the past 16 years... I promise to make it up to you on a beach someday when we retire from all of this...oh, I did not have any clean darks this morning and why didn't you make Hannah's lunch this morning before you left... oh, and next time I like the coffee waiting for me when I get out of the shower... love you forever.. Me

Anonymous said...

and will you please post something new!!!

Thanks Jerolyn for prompting me...

miss you....

LaAna said...

Loving this post right after the Anniversary post! :)