Monday, August 4

The Four-Part Adventure

The Earthquake

....The day we left for the Junior Olympics in Mission Viejo, CA....

Earthquake rocks southern California
A 5.4 magnitude earthquake shook southern California on Tuesday, spooking millions from Los Angeles to San Diego in a juddering reminder of the region's vulnerability to seismic shocks. No major injuries or damage were reported following the quake, which struck at 11:42 a.m. (1842 GMT) near Chino Hills, 33 miles (50 kilometers) east of Los Angeles at a depth of 7.6 miles (12 kilometers), the US Geological Survey said.

............what do you do? You keep on driving...........

The Junior Olympics

The reason we went to California, yes siree..

Bill and I are so proud of Hannah. She worked very hard to qualify to swim for this meet. Overall it turned out to be great. Good swims and not so good swims. She bettered her times in a couple of events (freestyle...go figure...I am still wondering about that one....she has never been a freestyler....) And didn't do so well in other. Her dives, though..........beautiful. Great form - no more high diving - yes folks, she no longer looks like a dolphin, as you can recall from this post. She is back to short course now - 25 yards versus long course 50 meters. She is excited to be in this new age group because she will be able to swim longer distance events, which has always been her preference.

Here is a group shot of some of the kids on the team getting ready to start the meet on Friday. Let me just pan back a bit.

This is why Hannah prefers the longer distance. Until she grows about 6 inches......she has to outswim these kids with her endurance. She has NO height advantage whatsoever.

(hellooooo Bill's can kick in at anytime now.......)

And I just love these shots of Hannah talking with Debbie before her races.

So serious, huh? Wonder what they are saying. Thank you to Debbie for taking care of Hannah.


In amongst all the swimming, we all enjoyed lots of beach-time. The boys, more so, while Hannah and I were at the pool.

This day, we were in Dana Point, CA at Salt Creek Beach Park. Huge waves kept the kids from actually going into the water too far. Had a great time digging in the sand, taking walks, just relaxing. Garrin in all his glory with his sand toys.

Who else do we know that sticks his tongue out like that when he is concentrating?

That would be Connor.

And here is Miss Thing all that in her Roxy bathing suit. Funny to see her in a two piece.

And I obviously LOVE LOVE LOVE this shot.

No wait. I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS shot. I love Bill even more than I already do, when he is at the beach. It is very calming for him. He actually relaxes. I love that for him. I think we need to buy a house on the beach. (oh wait. The real estate market sucks right now, we owe more on our house than it is worth right now, and we'd have to be making a whole lot more money to buy a house on the beach in California..............oh well. someday!)

And what could be better than enjoying a strawberry and sand covered creamsicle on the beach?

Kids don't care.

On Saturday, we went to our favorite beach, Crystal Cove. The water is way better for swimming and boogey-boarding. Look at the three kids in the water.

Ok, so the third kid is actually Bill. He had a blast! As did Hannah and Connor. They boogey-boarded for 5 hours!!!!!

Needless to say, Bill needed a constant dose of Tylenol every four hours to take away the pain of Thinking-He-Still-Has-The-Body-Of-A-Twenty-Year-Old.

The Drive Home

So we were looking forward to Sunday. Checking out of the hotel, getting in the car, grabbing some sandwiches and hitting the beach one last time before heading home. Bill and Connor went out to the car and began re-organizing all of our "stuff" for the ride to the beach and then home. Next thing I know, Connor is back up in the room telling me "Dad needs you downstairs at the car RIGHT NOW." They had noticed a couple of ants crawling around the back of the truck, inside. So we then starting taking out the towels and beach chairs to find a few more ants. Now I am thinking - WHAT THE HELL? I go around the side doors and find even more ants - like a whole freaking herd of them. THEY WERE EVERYWHERE IN MY TRUCK. So we emptied the whole, entire truck of all it's contents and Bill took it to a gas station to vacuum out all the ants.

Apparently, other guests of our hotel were at the same gas station doing the exact same thing. Ridding their vehicle of ants.

So: No Beach

We got in our ant infested car and drove 4 hours home.

Straight home.

Itching and scratching the whole way.

No napping.

No singing.

I looked at my arms, legs, feet, stomach, hands, face, neck.....the whole 4 hours home. Sometimes killing ants, sometimes killing imaginary ants. And when I wasn't watching myself, I was watching Garrin, who was actually able to sleep, making sure he wasn't crawling with ants.


"It's good to be home" puts it mildly.


Denise said...

Ok; so much to say about this post. First of all, holy crap about the earthquake. Secondly, Hannah rocks the house. Thirdly, those beach shots are amazing and I want a boogey board and your camera. Lastly, where did those ants come from? I'm I started itching myself while I was reading.

Denise said...

Is thirdly a word?

Kim said...

Sounds like quite an adventure. Glad to hear you guys had fun, and glad to hear Hannah is back to short course. One of these days she's going to shoot up like a weed and tower over everyone. Great pictures at the beach - love them all.

OK, those ants are freakin' gross. I swear they're crawling all over my keyboard.

Glad you're home.

Allison said...

I wondered if you were in Cali yet when the earthquake hit. Way to go Hannah YAHOO!! Love the sandy posicle shot! Ants--eewwwwwwwww!!!

Jerolyn said...

Welcome back! Sounds like Hannah shaved off some time so that's good eh? Love the beach photos too. The ones of the boys sticking out their tongues are very cute. and I'm with everyone else on the ants IN THE CAR~eeewwww.

LaAna said...

Isn't it amazing how the beach is the cure for EVERYTHING!!! What a great trip (minus the ants) and awesome job Hannah!