Thursday, August 21


Between baking my a$$ off (not literally, unfortunately) lately and my unusual propensity for photography in the past number of months, you would think I'd been channeling James Beard or Annie Leibowitz or something. I am feeling so very happy that I have been challenging my my-husband-thinks-I-sit-home-all-day-eating-bon-bons self.


I am announcing with great pleasure that I was given permission by Chris and Allison to post the first pictures of my new niece on my blog. So without further ado, and certainly without any comments from "the peanut gallery" (all you readers out know who you are - all five of you) as to my lack of short term memory when it comes to


I finally got the first shots. I am getting quite good I think.

Oh wait. You can't see anything.
Here you go.

Welcome to this crazy world, Ella Josephine.
You are cute.


Jerolyn said...

gasp, sigh, coo, ogle, gaze, swoon, gawk, admire, study, adore.

What a BEAUTY little miss Ella is.

Congrats Allison, Christopher, and James~~~She looks from here to be simply perfect, however seeing her in person will have to determine that. Let us know then you're up for visitors, and I will gladly be the judge of that.

slug(that's for you Chris)!

Jerolyn said...

p.s. That was phureaking Phunny!

Kim said...

Beautiful pictures! Welcome, little Ella! Can't wait to meet you!

Congratulations Chris, Allison & James!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the family !! You are one proud Auntie !!! Beautiful little one with such a head of hair !!!

LaAna said...

Those are the most perfect set of little lips.... now I have baby girl fever - THANKS A LOT!!!

Allison said...

Hey Gini- these are so wonderful. I love love love them. Am sitting in my hospital room surfing the web while little Miss Ella is sleeping. Thanks for sharing the first pics of our angel with all of our blogging friends!

alice c said...

Adorable - check out that little rosebud mouth.

Welcome to the World little Ella - you are going to be part of a wonderful family.

Tara said...

Great shots, Gini!
See you in a few weeks.

Redhead in Vegas said...

Such amazing pics. She is beautiful. Congrats to Allison, Chris and James.

Anonymous said...

ella and james are the cutiest babies in the world

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

my word... she is beautiful!

look at her mouth! she has the prettiest little mouth! ruby red!

really great shots too! :) now go enjoy some bon bons... i'm on my second box!

Anonymous said...

She is beautiful!!! Congratulations. Nice photos Gini!