Tuesday, August 26

Adult ADHD

A: apparently

D: daily brain function

H: has

D: diminished

I am hoping there is a pill for this. I am sure there is.

I'm sure many of us have been looking for our sunglasses and they are right on our head, as I did yesterday. On the brink of becoming a raving lunatic because I didn't know where the heck they were.

And just a few days ago, I was frantically looking for my watch and my wedding rings, which I always conveniently slide on the band of my watch to keep it all together. Just found those last night - well, Bill found them, actually.

Well, here's the story to beat all stories.

Today I was getting ready to go grocery shopping. I had loaded Garrin in the car which was running in the garage because it's like 150 degrees here. So before heading out I did my usual check:

Water bottle? ('cause it's like 150 degrees here) - check

Grocery list? - check

Used the potty (Garrin)? - check

Used the potty (Gini)? - check

Cell phone?

uhh, cell phone?

Nope - no cell phone.

So I run inside, quick.

Dial my number, quick.

And then remember REAL QUICK that my phone is on vibrate.


Good thing there wasn't anyone watching me, because I was flipping out. Literally.
Flipping over couch cushions, toys, book, magazines, my laptop. I could hear vibrating. I just couldn't figure out from where in the family room. So I proceeded to call my cell about 10 times. Then I think the vibrating just stopped.

So I ran out to the garage to rescue get Garrin out of the asphyxiating carbon monoxide running truck and brought him in, so I could carry on, looking for my cell phone.


You know, maybe the Pope might call. Or George Michael. Or Michael Phelps.

or Bill.

Ohhhh, long story longer.

I just thought, I will run upstairs and look even though "why would I bring my cell phone upstairs???".

There on the vanity (where my watch and rings were) was my cellphone. Directly above the family room that I was tearing apart, blinking, blinking, blinking

with 10 missed calls.


Kim said...

I'm pretty sure they call that Mommy brain. I'm impressed that it's taken this long for you to get it - you rock! I've got it already, and it's only been 7 months.

Remember those t-shirts they used to have that said "I've got C.R.S." in Can't Remember Sh*t? Yeah, now it makes sense. I need to get me one of those t-shirts.

Remember the last time you "lost" your rings? That poor bug guy.

Jerolyn said...

I was gonna comment on this hysterical post....but somehow I've forgotten what I was gonna say!!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

this is the truth... once when my youngest had just started walking... you know the stgae of following them everywhere... SO much they can get into... fall off of... etc. well... we were at our good friends home & i began to panic... "where is Riley... where is Riley" "hon do you know where Riley is"... uh... on your BOOB! i am serious!

girl... i can become MAD if i am running late & can not find something... MAD! let me know about the pill if you discover it! :)

Anonymous said...