Monday, August 18

8 and the middle child

Uhh, Suzie Homemaker here.
With two birthdays in a row, and the need to keep them separated as to not slight either of my guys, there was a lot of damn baking going on around here this weekend.
I am NOT a baker.
I repeat. I am not a baker.
Ask me to prepare a meal for a holiday gathering, or any night of the week for that matter (when we all actually can sit down together for a meal, that is) and I can make something out of nothing practically. And it tastes darn good, to boot. But baking? Not really.
So in all honesty I can say I bought my first box of cake flour.
Didn't even know they made such a thing.
Didn't ever have a use for such a thing.
You've already seen the SuperDuperYummyWhippedCreamCake I so very nicely put together for Bill's birthday.
Check out these puppies....

Say it....."awwwwww, yeah....."

Made with love for my Connor who turned 8 yesterday.

To celebrate, we took Connor bowling.
Obviously.........Allison was not bowling.

Call me crazy, but I want a baby girl.....
not gonna happen


Here's Garrin.

"hmmmmm.......never seen this kind of ball at home. and I thought we had 'em all...."
He got into the game, with a little help from Hannah
and that metal hoosey-whatsit that you put the ball on.
Here is a sweet picture of Connor and Garrin. This might be the only time Connor was smiling.

He was basically pissed off because he wasn't winning.
He needs to relax.
Chill out.
And realize it is just a game.
(the title of the post - 8 and the middle child. I need to go the library and read some books on this, I think.)

Here is James and Chris. I am wondering how James is lifting the ball that is surely heavier than he is.
He got a little help, as well. Go James.

Here is the proud Grandmother. Loves him weather or not he is not acting grateful that he has a terrific family that went bowling with him and put up with his grumpy face because he is just about the most competitive kid on the planet, that I had to yell the bowling alley...

Love you too Connor. XOXOXO


Jerolyn said...

Happy Burpday CONNOR! Gini don't forget, my birthday is January
25th...and I think those cupcakes will do just fine! hahaha just kidding(kinda)

Allison said...

Happy B-Day Connor--Ella and I were VERY EXCITED to partake in your cupcakes. They were AMAZING and I am now worried that your mom is going to surpass me in the "I am a Baking Goddess" category. I hope there are some left because I am headed over there in a bit and need my hourly sugar fix . . .

Kim said...

Sounds like a great time (minus the whole being pissed off part). Hope you had a fabulous birthday, Connor!

You so ARE a baker. You should probably make both that cake and the cupcakes for Garrin's birthday.

OMG, Garrin is the spitting image of Bill in that first pic!

Redhead in Vegas said...

Happy Birthday Connor!!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

happy birthday to connor!
eight will be great!

speaking of my fat butt... i NEED that cupcake! yumola!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Connor! (what a great name!!) (^^)
Gini, your cupcake looks so yummy.
I am #1 fan of your cupcakes.
I'm going to be 27 (again) next month. so I guess i 'll be waiting for your cupcakes in my mail box????