Friday, August 29

Here's what needs to happen.

You need to pick up your dirty clothes
off the floor
and put them in the hamper.

You need to clean up and put away
all of your swim stuff.

You need to get all your shoes
and either put them upstairs
in your closet or at least
in the downstairs closet.

You need to pick up all you loose papers
that are laying around everywhere and
either throw them away or put them away.

You need to, in addition to your dirty clothes,
pick up all your socks that are laying around
inside out.

You need to, when you are done charging your cell phone,
put the charger away in the drawer.

You need to please, recycle your soda cans/water bottles
after you use them, so they don't just sit and collect on
the countertop.

You need to put your books
back in the bookcase.


I'm talking to you, Bill.

(seriously, this is for my kids too.)

Thursday, August 28

16 Years and counting

Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.
Chinese Proverb

Good thing this was written because it so holds true.
Yesterday was our 16th wedding anniversary.

Bill - "Did you buy me a card?"
Me - "No, uhhh, did you buy me one?"
Bill - "No, I just wanted to make sure you didn't buy me one, because then I'd go out and get you one."
Me - "Nope, didn't get you one."
Bill - "Well I could always go in the drawer where all the other anniversary cards are that I bought for you and didn't sign or give to you, to get you one if you want."
Me - "No, that's ok. Love you baby. Happy Anniversary."
Bill - "Happy Anniversary."

So in all seriousness:

I love you Bill. Even when I don't
say it
show it
act it
seem it.
I love you wholly and completely.
And I love you more than chocolate pudding.

Wednesday, August 27

Don't get the wrong idea.

My sister-in-law asked if while I was out today, I could pick up a nursing bra for her.
So I am going through bra after bra.
And I am thinking to myself. "Who the heck is in need of a nursing bra and still a B cup??"
Let's get real, people. Try like a DD or and F or a G or something. B? I don't think so.
And the next thought I had was "Oh, God. I surely hope that no one thinks that I am the one who needs this bra because
who is with me shoppping,
buying a nursing bra.
Which then reminded me of THIS DISTURBING VIDEO.
I just threw up in my mouth.

Tuesday, August 26

Adult ADHD

A: apparently

D: daily brain function

H: has

D: diminished

I am hoping there is a pill for this. I am sure there is.

I'm sure many of us have been looking for our sunglasses and they are right on our head, as I did yesterday. On the brink of becoming a raving lunatic because I didn't know where the heck they were.

And just a few days ago, I was frantically looking for my watch and my wedding rings, which I always conveniently slide on the band of my watch to keep it all together. Just found those last night - well, Bill found them, actually.

Well, here's the story to beat all stories.

Today I was getting ready to go grocery shopping. I had loaded Garrin in the car which was running in the garage because it's like 150 degrees here. So before heading out I did my usual check:

Water bottle? ('cause it's like 150 degrees here) - check

Grocery list? - check

Used the potty (Garrin)? - check

Used the potty (Gini)? - check

Cell phone?

uhh, cell phone?

Nope - no cell phone.

So I run inside, quick.

Dial my number, quick.

And then remember REAL QUICK that my phone is on vibrate.


Good thing there wasn't anyone watching me, because I was flipping out. Literally.
Flipping over couch cushions, toys, book, magazines, my laptop. I could hear vibrating. I just couldn't figure out from where in the family room. So I proceeded to call my cell about 10 times. Then I think the vibrating just stopped.

So I ran out to the garage to rescue get Garrin out of the asphyxiating carbon monoxide running truck and brought him in, so I could carry on, looking for my cell phone.


You know, maybe the Pope might call. Or George Michael. Or Michael Phelps.

or Bill.

Ohhhh, long story longer.

I just thought, I will run upstairs and look even though "why would I bring my cell phone upstairs???".

There on the vanity (where my watch and rings were) was my cellphone. Directly above the family room that I was tearing apart, blinking, blinking, blinking

with 10 missed calls.

Monday, August 25

Ok, who took my whistle?

I lost my job today.
Well, one of my jobs.
Hannah and Connor are officially back in school.
Gimme an "amen" on that.
I don't think I will be getting this job back until Christmas break or so.
No more...
"Hannah, you go into the living room. Connor, into the family room. Get away from each other."
No more.......

"I have had it up to here, with all your fighting!"

No more.......

"Time out. You are both confined to your room for 1 hour. No computer, No TV, No iPod. Got it?"
No more.........

"YOU............Get..............This...........Crap.............Picked..............UP!!! NOW!"

Just this.

My daughter who no longer has to wear school uniforms and has asked me to not ever put pressure on her new school to implement a chino/navy and white dress code.
My son who's shirt was stained before we even stepped foot out the front door. Gotta love boys. And gotta love school uniforms.
For elementary school, for now.

Sunday, August 24

Strike A Pose

Trust me when I say, that Strike A Pose in our experience was so nothing like this.
It was more like this.
One day while I was at Dillards buying the boys some shirts, I noticed a sign up sheet that was for volunteers for kids for modeling. So for sh*ts and giggles, I decided to sign up Connor without asking him first . So we went in last Monday and were told to pick out an outfit to wear. We picked out a slim fitting, cool "rocker T" and a pair of cargo shorts for him.
The modeling was to take place on Saturday the 23rd.

We arrived at 12:30 per instruction

and I mean - ever.

Apparently I was the only one that signed my kid up for sh*ts and giggles.



You would have thought that the Ford Modeling Agent was there scoping out the next "Gap Kid". I never saw so much makeup on 6 to 10 year old girls.
So finally all the kids got dressed up in the outfits they had chosen.
Connor's was the only one that I would ever allow my kid to wear. The clothes that their parents allowed them to pick out - Holy crap.
Here is my guy. (Sorry no photoshopping...)
And if you can't tell by the look on my face, I am thinking.

You have GOT to be kidding me. Get me out of here and make sure I never do this again.

Friday, August 22

It's time to


It starts in Middle School. Waaaaay back when, it was High School when you were getting ready to become a little more independent of your parents. Here and Now - it's Middle School.

Took Hannah today to decorate her locker with all the stuff we spent more money on than actual school supplies . She practically ditched me as soon as we parked the car until I said "if you want to go off on your own, I could have just dropped you off out front" "don't you want to walk with your Mama, baby???" She was so excited to get inside and show me her locker and how easily she can open it. She then took me around to all her classrooms.

I write this with much sadness that my beautiful girl is leaving me happiness that my strong, beautiful, self confident, happy daughter is ready to go off and start a new chapter in her journey to becoming an adult. She is entering this without nervousness, despite my numerous, nagging questions if she is. Do you think you can find your locker OK? Do you know which door to go out to meet me at the truck after school? Are you going to carry your schedule with you the first day? Do you know where all your classes are? Do you know where the lunch room is? Are you upset that you don't have classes with any kids you know? (maybe if I type them all down, I will stop asking her.....)

I have to agree with the principal when he said to the parents of the incoming 6th graders, that it was time to cut the apron strings. She's ready.

Thursday, August 21


Between baking my a$$ off (not literally, unfortunately) lately and my unusual propensity for photography in the past number of months, you would think I'd been channeling James Beard or Annie Leibowitz or something. I am feeling so very happy that I have been challenging my my-husband-thinks-I-sit-home-all-day-eating-bon-bons self.


I am announcing with great pleasure that I was given permission by Chris and Allison to post the first pictures of my new niece on my blog. So without further ado, and certainly without any comments from "the peanut gallery" (all you readers out know who you are - all five of you) as to my lack of short term memory when it comes to


I finally got the first shots. I am getting quite good I think.

Oh wait. You can't see anything.
Here you go.

Welcome to this crazy world, Ella Josephine.
You are cute.

What can I say?

Went to see the new baby - Ella Josephine, at the hospital yesterday. And considering my track record when it comes to me and my camera, I should have found it no surprise when I began snapping pictures of my new niece and there was

I would have taken the above picture of myself with the BigL - but

...................what can I say.
Pictures coming later today.

Tuesday, August 19

Yoga Shmoga

I took my first yoga class this morning with a couple of friends of mine. I will admit being nervous, with all three of us being newbies. I've heard of the crazy names of poses and was unsure I wanted to look like a total ass while trying to do them.

for instance

Happy Baby Pose.

Half Moon Pose.

Half Lord of the Fishes Pose.

Flying Crow Pose.

and of course, the Downward Dog.

Now lets face it. You've seen (pictures of) me. How do you think I get my body into these poses?

Balance. Now that is something I don't have in my life. Physically and mentally. I fell over twice. It was OK. The instructor said for "us beginners", it was OK to fall over. Phew! What a relief. I felt less of a loser.

Ok, now this one. My butt cheeks are just to big to be able to get my foot anywhere near my head. So come on, now. Let alone hold that position for a while.

Now don't even get me started on this one. I am made of skin and fat. Not rubber and more rubber. Oh well.
Anyhoo. At 5:30 in the morning I was really having a hard time with the whole
All I could think of was.
"Look lady. Let's speed things up a bit here. I need to weight train with my trainer at 6:30. Get home and get my daughter to Middle School Orientation by 8. Get home, shower. Get my mother-in-law ready to get packed up to go home this afternoon. Pick up Hannah at 11:45. Get Meme to the airport at 1. Hannah to the gym at 2. Back home by 2:30. Get ready for Hannah's swim workout at 3:50. Connor's workout at 5:30. All the while, getting sheets changed in the spare room to get it ready for Chris, Allison and James' stay for the arrival of the new baby girl tomorrow. And eat a couple of meals in the interim. I don't think I can relax"
Yoga may not be for me. Especially first thing in the morning.

Monday, August 18

8 and the middle child

Uhh, Suzie Homemaker here.
With two birthdays in a row, and the need to keep them separated as to not slight either of my guys, there was a lot of damn baking going on around here this weekend.
I am NOT a baker.
I repeat. I am not a baker.
Ask me to prepare a meal for a holiday gathering, or any night of the week for that matter (when we all actually can sit down together for a meal, that is) and I can make something out of nothing practically. And it tastes darn good, to boot. But baking? Not really.
So in all honesty I can say I bought my first box of cake flour.
Didn't even know they made such a thing.
Didn't ever have a use for such a thing.
You've already seen the SuperDuperYummyWhippedCreamCake I so very nicely put together for Bill's birthday.
Check out these puppies....

Say it....."awwwwww, yeah....."

Made with love for my Connor who turned 8 yesterday.

To celebrate, we took Connor bowling.
Obviously.........Allison was not bowling.

Call me crazy, but I want a baby girl.....
not gonna happen


Here's Garrin.

"hmmmmm.......never seen this kind of ball at home. and I thought we had 'em all...."
He got into the game, with a little help from Hannah
and that metal hoosey-whatsit that you put the ball on.
Here is a sweet picture of Connor and Garrin. This might be the only time Connor was smiling.

He was basically pissed off because he wasn't winning.
He needs to relax.
Chill out.
And realize it is just a game.
(the title of the post - 8 and the middle child. I need to go the library and read some books on this, I think.)

Here is James and Chris. I am wondering how James is lifting the ball that is surely heavier than he is.
He got a little help, as well. Go James.

Here is the proud Grandmother. Loves him weather or not he is not acting grateful that he has a terrific family that went bowling with him and put up with his grumpy face because he is just about the most competitive kid on the planet, that I had to yell the bowling alley...

Love you too Connor. XOXOXO

Saturday, August 16

(sigh...) It's about time...

I must breathe a sigh of relief now. The 51 days between June 25th and August 16th are always filled with funny little innuendos about me being older than my husband.
1. "I like older chicks"
2. "Boy, I look so young, don't I??"
3. "Yup, I married an older woman"
4. "Aren't you glad you are with a younger man?"

and so on
and so forth

Well Hallelujah
it's finally Bill's birthday!
Now we are both 43.

I guess I am not too old to slave in the kitchen all day making a




Thursday, August 14

A lot in a little time

So here we are. One week since a post. Holy Batman. I must play catch up.
I will start off by apologizing that I don't know how to make those fancy collages, y'all make, so bear with me and the bunches of photos.
Meme (Bill's mom) came into town for a visit from Connecticut on Saturday. We decided to take her away and show her a bit of the west coast. Leaving then would not have been good, seeing as she'd been on a plane for...ohhh.....six hours or so. So we packed up the truck and headed BACK to CA for three days on Sunday.
Monday morning we headed directly, do not pass go, do not collect $200, for the beach. Our favorite: Crystal Cove. I must admit. I've been feeling pretty good about my camera these days. I am becoming a little more comfortable trying new things and trying to take more creative shots. The weather was picture perfect so I just sat back in my chair and shot away.
Look at this. My beautiful kids boogey-boarding again with their dad.

And this great on of Garrin. Look how blue his eyes are.

I especially love this one. Where the waves are just blurred in the background of the kids coming up the beach.

And who doesn't like a nice artsy shot of a seagull in all his glory.

What? You can't see anything?
Oh well that would be because I had no compact flash card in my camera. Didn't notice that until the NEXT FREAKIN DAY. Yup. It's at home in the card reader slot of my computer. Never put it back in the camera.
Can you say: Where's BEST BUY in this gosh darned town?

Anyhoo - had a fantastic, fabulous, fun day at the beach regardless. We all got a little too sunned-out. So decided to take off Tuesday from going back. Instead we headed to Goofy's Kitchen at Disneyland for some breakfast. Garrin was a little shy seeing the characters this time.

Isn't it funny how one time they love on them and then the next time they look like they are saying "Who is this fuzzy beast touching me?".
Hannah and Connor we're into it though.

I don't think I have ever mentioned this but

We got to celebrate a little early birthday for Connor.

That afternoon, we headed to Long Beach to the Aquarium of the Pacific. It was so much fun.

The kids got right into it.
Lots to look at.
Lots to touch.
Garrin wasn't shy about that.

Since doing a project for school last year, Hannah's love for starfish has not diminished. She made me take a hundred pictures of each and everyone she saw.

How about these monsters?

Dinner anyone? Side of melted butter, perhaps?

There were tanks and tanks of jellyfish. Every time we saw a tank, those were our new favorites. I took lots of pictures of them, as well.
More starfish. This one is actually eating a clam.

Shrimp. Dang, those delicious little creatures are nasty looking before they get to the grocery store, aren't they?

Gorgeous coral.

A monstrous turtle. Just swimming, swimming.....swimming.

Speaking of swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. Thanks to Finding Nemo, there is always a tank that looks like this.

Check out this seahorse.

So awesome. Great way to spend a day off from the beach, for sure.
Wednesday, we headed back to the shore. This time with a camera and a memory card. It was a bit overcast and I just didn't seem to have the photo opportunities that I did have on Monday. Oh well. Got a few shots, nonetheless.

Walking through some tidal pools looking for creatures.

A shot looking down the beach. The west coast sure has some rocky edges.

Yes, you guessed it. Bill took this picture of this guy who caught this .... this...
fish/skate/thing. Nasty. But cool.

After leaving the beach, we headed over to see the Queen Mary. Holy crappola, that ship is big.

And that's it folks. All that in three days. Whew!