Monday, July 14

What's scary is.... much Connor and Hannah look alike with a swim cap on!

Anyway. This weekend was the last official Long Course meet for Connor. He went out with a bang for being a seven year old. Took time off of all four of his events. He is pretty happy with how he did this weekend - as he should be. I am kind of wishing soccer wasn't starting up so soon, because he swims so much better when he can really dedicate his time to just swimming....What do you think, Coach Bill??????? Hmmm???
Connor's breaststroke....he loves breaststroke!

And this, for Hannah, was the last meet to get qualifying times for the Junior Olympics that are in two weeks. She was able to pull off one more time - the 400 freestyle!! And for those of you that know my daughter is NOT a freestyler.....I know.....what the hell is up with that??? Whatever. She worked so hard for it. Congrats to her and Mission Viejo - here we come!!!

Hannah's backstroke - Nice start!!

And a quick note to my Photo-Taking Photo-Shopping Phriend (love you Trish): Thanks for the last 4 shots here of the kids (and all the others you took) since it is hard to take photos while you are trying to wave to your kids with something brightly colored from up in the bleachers to get their attention so they know that you really want them to swim a little bit faster to make their JO cut and you hope they can respond to your persistent yelling to make looking like a total jackass insane parent, worthwhile.



connor said...

wow my breastroke is amasing!!!! im so glad i swim with bob now

Jerolyn said...

Hey who's the crazy broad in the stands??? haha good job kiddo's!!

Tutta la Storia said...

They do look alike! We had such a nice visit this past weekend. I love it when Connor is all love-y.

Kim said...

Love those pictures! Great job, Hannah and Connor!

Redhead in Vegas said...

They are so amazing. Good job, guys!!!