Thursday, July 31


It has been a couple of days of ups and downs. Hannah had one event to swim yesterday. 100 backstroke. She added two seconds......

Today she didn't have any events to swim, but she was able to swim timed trials. Meaning she gets to swim after preliminaries are finished. We pay a fee for her to swim additional events and she gets to keep the time she gets. She did the 200 freestyle, shaved off 2 seconds and got a Junior Olympic time. Hooray!!
Tomorrow will be her toughest day. She starts off with the 400 freestyle and then has a little rest before she swims the 200 Individual Medley.

We are getting in some fun in between all of the running to and from the pool. The weather here is just gorgeous. Little chilly in fact. We should have brought long sleeves shirts for the morning and evenings! Nice change from the 112 degrees at home.

Between the beaches we have been visiting and the great food and shopping, Bill and I have been keeping Garrin and Connor fairly happy as well. I can't wait to get home and download all the pics from the beach!

Send good thoughts for tomorrow! Thanks for all the nice notes so far.


Tutta la Storia said...

Hannah, you go girl!!

Kim said...

Keep at it, Hannah! Nice job on the 200 Free!