Monday, July 28

Sugar and spice, and all that's nice,

that's what little girls are made of. (until they turn 11)...

(just kidding.....)

(sort of....)

Anyway. Had a shower for Chris and Allison this weekend. Bill and I have definitely had a little baby (girl) fever lately. So when we were preparing (shopping, mostly) for the shower we were thinking somewhat seriously about having a baby girl. Well, technically, I can't HAVE one. But maybe adopt one. Anyhoo.

Here are some of the the reasons why....
NO. Not the cake....

But look at all the freaking adorable clothes!!!!!!!! Buying for boys is just not the same. We were so excited thinking about all the cute stuff we used to get for Hannah before she became tom-boy-ish and wouldn't wear anything girly anymore, darn it all.

I admit that I am guilty for buying things for baby Ella that I would like myself for a little girl.
Tie Dyed Sequined really, it rocks!!

Rockstar - for instance.

A sample tattoo - for instance.

and for sure PEACE, LOVE AND ROCK AND ROLL, baby!!!!!
ohhh, baby girl fever....
I am sure Ella will be so stinkin' cute in this stuff.

Congratulations to Chris, Allison and James. The time is coming quickly!


Allison said...

It was a blast--and those onesies are some of my faves!!

Kim said...

Love those onesies! I have to say, though, I am having a great time with little boy clothes. I think they're lots of fun these days!