Thursday, July 10

A Journey

It is summer vacation after all. And heaven forbid we have Hannah or Connor take any time away from swim workout to go on vacation. I am sooooo NOT complaining. Hannah will be swimming in the Junior Olympics (whoo hoo!!!!) in a few weeks and she needs to prepare. Both kids are in a meet this weekend, in which they need to prepare. So we pretty much don't have a choice, which is fine.
That's not to say that there hasn't been any traveling done around here. Case in point I have documented with a few words and a few pictures of


Since potty training has been complete and Mr. Independent Garrin needs to go on his own with no one within 50 feet of him otherwise he has a cow, this is what we see A LOT of lately. Piles of this everywhere. Bill and I actually calculated the cost of diapers versus a roll of toilet paper that is wasted, and we have made peace with the wasting of the occasional roll.
So up to bed we go last night to this:

What started from our bathroom,

into our bedroom, underneath the bed,

from underneath the bed, to around a pillared floral arrangement,

(Yes....around the pillar),

to back under the bed, over a blanket and pillow,

where it finally came to its resting place right outside our door.

Oh, and look,

another roll in the hallway. FANTASTIC.

Which is why this:

looks like this.
And this:

looks like this..........everywhere in our house.

And that, my friends is the tale of The Traveling Toilet Paper.

At least something is going places this summer.


Tutta la Storia said...

PRICELESS. I guess we'll bring our own when we visit you this weekend! (And maybe I'll stop at Costco and get you some! LOL)

Denise said...

Danielle and I are reading this together and laughing our butts off. That was hysterical! Keep us posted on the traveling roll.

Kim said...

That is absolutely hysterical! Go, Garrin, Go!

Redhead in Vegas said...

oh my god- that is hilarious!

Jerolyn said...

oh man he is a guy after my own heart...see how great he will be at doing what I did in highschool??? He will be the Tp'ing MASTER!

LaAna said...

I feel your pain - but looks like yours is at least clean TP on the floor! Fun Times