Tuesday, July 22

The Blink of an Eye

In swimming, a second or two, is huge. Even a one-hundredth of a second makes a big difference. So one week before the Junior Olympics, Hannah is getting a little extra help with her dives. In that quick blink of an eye, she can either win or lose a race. She can either pull out ahead or try to play catch up. At that meet, there are no friends. Just competitors vying for the top spots. These swimmers are not fooling around and one has to be ready for that.

We aren't sure if Hannah's previous life here on earth was that of a dolphin, but her dives could use some work. Sometimes she is still floating up in the air (la di dee da), while the others are already in the pool swimming?!?!?!?!?

Do you see what I'm saying?

I took a lot of pictures to e-mail her everyday until JO's show her what she looks like. But took these shots (a pretty decent dive) that I just love the lighting in the pool.

I'm sure all her hard work will pay off.


Anonymous said...

yes yes it will. thanks bob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-hannah herbst

Allison said...

She will be great, I am sure. With all of the hard work, there has got to be a great pay off in her future!

I was thinking how comical it would look if my pregnant body were flying through the air in a skintight suit--LOL, more like Shamu than a graceful dolphin!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

she'll be great! what a gift... what a girl! go Hannah!!!!!

Kim said...

Keep at it, Hannah! You're doing great!