Wednesday, July 23

A blast from the past

Here is the problem with getting a new computer......and then another new computer....and yet another new computer. I end up with 3 or 4 computers with stored digital photos, which we have put on a disc and they are floating somewhere around this house, but when I want to go back and look at some oldies but goodies - who the heck knows which computer they are on or which disc they are on. Case in point - it would have been fun to find a baby picture of Hannah to post on her birthday. Oh well.
My mother-in-law e-mailed a bunch of photos I'd e-mailed to her quite a few years back. (Thanks, Mom).
Thought I'd put these three up. They are awesome.

We took a weekend trip to visit Thomas The Tank Engine in Arizona. It was in October of 2002. Wow! 6 years ago. Hannah was beautiful back then too. I don't think she talked back to us back then, though. No attitude. No wearing her jeans or shorts on her hip bone. No argument about wearing her hair pulled off her face. Oh, those days.......

And here is my boy. Only had one boy back then. Was pretty much ALL SET with having one boy back then. Oh my gosh. He has always had the blondest hair. His expression makes him look just like Garrin. And dang - he LOVED Thomas. Those days are gone. If it is not round and you can kick it, throw it, hit it.......he is not interested.

And holy mama, check out my short hair! Bill looks as young (you suck) and as handsome as ever!!!
Maybe this will inspire me to try to organize all our photos.
When I find some time.
Next year.


Denise said...

Holy S%$T - time flies!

Kim said...

Awesome! You should have told me you were looking for pics. I have some of the most awesome baby pics of Hannah!

Jerolyn said...

stop getting new computers already!!! geez I think we've had this one for like...well just never you mind!

Allison said...

Just adorable. TRULY. Makes me smile.