Wednesday, June 4

Time Flies When You're Havin' Fun

How did time go from this:

To this:

In just 6 short years??? Hannah as a kindergartner and Hannah as a fifth grader. Wow. Well, yesterday was the big graduation, lunch and then PARTY!!! Whoo hoo......... I am so fine with Hannah going off to Middle School,..........really.............I am really................well, I was until I saw this sign in the Multi Purpose Room at school:

Oh daughter really is leaving this school..........this safe place...........this building that I have left her for the last 6 years for 180 days each the hands of people I know and trust.............oh my..........
But this day was all it could be and more for her and her friends. They are ready to move on. (I'm just thinking......maybe the age with eventually catch up with the attitude...)

The ceremony was lovely and the suitcase I packed with tricks and treats for Garrin to behave himself actually worked, so we were able to enjoy the moment. Before diplomas were given out there were some special awards given and unbenounced to Hannah she received the President's Award for Academic Excellence along with many other classmates. This award was given to students with Straight A's (or 1 B) in fourth and fifth grade combined. She looked pretty proud of herself, wouldn't you say?

I am by no means patting myself on the back for the continual slave driving love and support I give both my kids when it comes to homework/school work. She earned it, she has truly worked hard. Great Job, Hannah!!

And here is our principal handing out the diplomas.

And the happy graduate!!!!

Lunch was next and as in my previous post, we were ditched. No, not really, the kids let us adults have our table and enjoy grown up talk for a while.

Hannah and Alex.

Kaitlyn and Sydney.

Then back to school to change for the party. Their theme was can tell when you attend a uniform school, because the girls were so thrilled to be able to were spaghetti straps!

The all looked great!

And obviously had a blast. I snuck in at the end of it all to get a couple of pictures.

So that's the end of elementary school for Hannah Banana. Good luck next year baby!!
Love you.


Allison said...

Totally LOVE you Hannah. I am so proud to be your Aunt. You are a hard worker, a sweetie-pie to your cousin James and have a spectacular smile. Best of luck in middle school!!!

Jerolyn said...

sniff sniff, boo hoo, blubber waaa!

Kim said...

Hannah, I can't believe how grown up you are! You look gorgeous. Congratulations on graduating and on the President's Award - way to go! Love you like crazy!

Chris said...

Congratulations Hannah. If you need your uncle to take care of anyone, just let me know.

Denise said...

Congratulations, Hannah! xo

Redhead in Vegas said...

Congrats Hannah! Have a great summer.