Thursday, June 12


I just haven't had time lately to peruse my local Target. Just walking around there makes me happy. So today I needed to go to buy 196 pairs of any kind of underwear my Garrin would remotely be interested in putting on his little hiney. We are full on potty training - last three days. I am the Get-Rid-Of-All-Signs-Of-Diapers and go right to Underwear kind of mom. Not crazy about the Pull-Up method. I'd rather buy 196 pairs of underwear and overload myself with laundry..............did I just say that??? Anyhoo.

Got some more Diego and Cars undies and then ran across this aisle:

Cynthia Rowley Outdoor Summer Goodies!!!!

Fifty Percent OFF!!!!

So I picked up a couple of things. What I mean to say is a couple of EACH of the things. 'Cause when they are 50% off............need I say more?
Check out these great deals:

So colorful. So bright. So summery. So yummy. So CHEAP.

We've got beach balls - 50% off 99 cents.
We've got huge beach towels - 50% off 9.99.
We've got jump ropes - 50% off 2.99.
We've got a water cooler for Hannah - 50% off 3.99.
We've got an awesome bag (for I'm not sure what yet) - 50% off 14.99.
We've got little net thingys to cover your food outside (not sure why I got those, we don't have flying bugs here) - 50% off 5.99.
What a great Target Kinda Day!

**and a little side note. Broke down and bought Pampers Easy-Ups for night time because Diego is on them. How could I pass that up?


Anonymous said...

pretty soon your house will look like mine if you don't stop buying stuff...

Allison said...

Oh, boy. Hey, Gin, what WOULDN'T YOU BUY if it was 50% off? LOL. No seriously, I love Target--but I have no self restraint!

Kim said...

Fabulous! I'm a big fan of the $1 bins they always have just inside the door. Tons of useless junk there! I wonder if that stuff is 50% off here. Probably not, considering we're just getting started with the hot weather.

Jerolyn said...

Hey did they have Kelloggs corn flakes 50% off? haha~