Thursday, June 5

It's a good thing Hannah swims

Because she really stinks at kickball...........and soccer, and tennis, and gymnastics....and that's just another post entirely. But last day of school was the fifth graders playing the teachers in kickball. The kids got their butts kicked, because the quality of playing didn't get much better than Hannah's three foul kicks.............

But they had fun, nonetheless. And here is Mr. Overachieving-I-Am-Great-At-All-Sports-Cause-All-I-Do-At-Home-Is-Play-With-All-Things-Ball....Connor watching the game, and dying to be able to get in there and play, I am sure.

And as the kids were gathering up the last of 2nd and 5th grade, Garrin stayed occupied on the computers.



Allison said...

That pic of Hannah reminds me of a colt--all legs and learning how to walk. She is so graceful in the water--what happens on dry land??? Hmmm . . I wonder if Garrin is going to have a job in Internet Technology?

Jerolyn said...

Garrin is such a Techi~haha
and hey at least Hannah had the guts to get out there and try...Katie wasn't interested in playing AT ALL, the fear of embassassing herself was too great and she hid over by me to protect her from playing the almighty KICK BALL!
Now Maggie that woulda been a different story too!

Kim said...

Your kids are focused, that's all! Looks like a fun day. Love Garrin with those headphones on!

Chris said...

cute pic of garrin!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

isn't it so funny how each child is truly their own... their talents are IN them! all i know... your kids are gifted! talent runs through their viens!