Monday, June 30

I have 3 things to say this morning.

1. GEORGE MICHAEL WAS FRICKING AWESOME!!! Best concert Bill and I have EVER been to, including Seal, I might add. And those of you that know me well, know that I LOVE Seal!

B. Me, Bill, 2 beach chairs, suntan lotion, Crystal Cove Beach, CA - EVEN MORE AWESOME!!!!

and 3. Happy Birthday to James this past weekend!!!


Allison said...

The concert sounded like a BLAST and he must have been nekked or something for you to have liked it better than Seal. What a great beach! And thanks a ton for hosting James' little par-tee!

Kim said...

What a weekend! Fun, fun, fun - start to finish!

Denise said...

That beach is gorgeous and so is George Michael. xo

LaAna said...

Lucky you! Music, men and memories - can't ask for more then that!