Wednesday, June 11


"you don't have to be friends with everybody"
I have had to tell my kids that within the past couple of months for various reasons. Kids at school doing things like this. Or supposed friends just not being nice. I can relate. I, at 42, happen to think that in order to create peace within myself, I just can't be friends with everyone. Not everyone has to be friends with me. I am/was tired of trying to be that perfect "someone" that everyone liked. Been there, done that. Not how I want my kids to do things.
So what does this mean for me? It just means that I treasure the friends that I do have and hold each one in its unique spot in my heart. It means that I can just be who I am, and people appreciate that. It means that they can be who there are, and not be judged. It means my friendships can be based on reality and be effortless.
This past weekend was all about friends. We know this family from the swim team - we are pretty close with them. Well, they are about to embark on having a new baby, number 5, with their youngest being 8 years old. So it's been a while for them. We had an all out huge bash of a baby shower in their honor at our house. We brought together anyone and everyone that cares about this family to celebrate this time with them. Now THAT'S a lotta friends.
Our friends that moved to Colorado (boo hoo hoo) flew in for the festivities. It was great to be with them and practically 'pick up right where we left off'. Those are the kind of friends we should all have. Here is Hannah and Makenna - 2 years apart in age, but as close as ever. how come the only time Hannah does this with her hair is when she is with Makenna???)

I look at these two together and I know they will be friends for a very long time. I like that.
And here is MaryBeth and me. Ditto on the friendship.

(by the way - that is one of the 96 homemade cupcakes I lovingly made for the shower!!)
So to ALL of my friends that read this. I love you and am glad that you are in my life. I am glad that I don't have to try to be something I am not. I am glad that I can complain that my a$$ is too big, and you tell me how great I look. I am glad that we can talk about our kids to each other and say things that we would NEVER repeat in public. I am glad we can get through any little rough patch and come out caring for each other even more. I am glad that we have withstood many, many miles apart and still remained as close as we are....(hellllloooo....east coasters!!!) I am glad that I have you to make me laugh when I need to. I am glad that I can bi%ch about something, when I need to. I am glad that I can keep you entertained with my blog. I am glad that I don't have to be friends with everybody, and can just be friends with you without working at it. Ahh....said with a sigh of relief.


Redhead in Vegas said...

don't you wish that you would have known that back in your teens and 20s? i know i do. great to see that you all had such a fun weekend. good friends are the best!

Allison said...

It was such a great event--and so nice to see the Wilson's. They are "quality" folk--I say--sane, level headed and NORMAL. Oh, and hysterical, to boot! Post more pics from the shower!! Didn't you have a photographer??!!

Kim said...

Sounds like a great weekend. Man, I can't believe how long your hair is!