Friday, June 13


The kids have been out of school for a week and a half and I am still getting my tushie up at this time:
and after more months than I can even believe, I am still doing this 5 or 6 times a week:

and then every morning I have been obsessed with looking at this:
(I know Bill, I am supposed to be only weighing myself once a week....)
Today, I got home from my spinning class and told Bill, for the first time I was able to do the whole entire class the "right" way, meaning that I didn't have to sit down on the bike when I was supposed to be up out of the seat.
Today, I feel stronger. I actually feel that my legs have toned up a bit. My arm muscles feel good, instead of sore. Even though I still got some jiggle goin' on, I feel better.
Better than I have since I started working out.
I have upped my cardio workouts after my weight training and I am thinking that that is what is doing it for me. Now if the scale would start the descent downward, life would be grand.
Here's to tomorrow.
Here's to a good workout to start the day.
Here's to getting to a better place,
physically and emotionally.
Happy Friday.


LaAna said...

Okay, that is just what I NEED to be doing in the worst way, but some how I find myself sleeping in and doing a lot of... well, nothing! So to you, who I now totally look up to, CONGRATS and I think you just inspired me to get my butt movin again! Thanks!

Kim said...

You rock!!

Allison said...

You have done so well committing yourself to your workouts--and I know, because I took a spinning class for a while, uh, when I was 23 and going to the gym religously and it kicked my BUTT--so you GO GIRL!!!

Jerolyn said...

Way to go look great!