Monday, June 16

the day after....

Could the kids and I ask for a better father/husband? I don't think so.
How many dad's would let their family spend the entire day Saturday and Sunday of Father's Day weekend at a swim meet?
That would be Bill.

While the kids were busy swimming (awesomely, I might add) at the meet, and I was helping with the computer system (go ahead and say it - "I'm a geek deep down inside") Bill did one of his most favorite things - relaxed in our pool. Granted we were not there with him, yelling and fighting, screaming and splashing, throwing tantrums and talking disrespectfully, or saying "FINE" or being grumpy, but I think he enjoyed himself just the same.

So Bill,
Thanks for putting your heart and soul into everything you do for your kids.
Thank you for working so hard to provide the best for everyone.
Thanks for having the patience to deal with all the crap that goes on occasionally. And thank you for giving up part of your honorary day so the kids and I could be at the swim meet.
We love you more than words could say.

(Hola Daddy. Its Hannah)
I hope you had a good Father's Day!!! Love you and hope you had a great day, liked the cards, liked the cake, and the Stomp Out Loud Tickets!!!!!!!! Love you!!

(hi dad its connor)
i love you because you help me out and take me to hockey games!!!!
you are the best dad in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i hope you liked the cards that we got you
i love you!!!!

(that was from Garrin...)

We had a great afternoon, once we finally got back home. Chris, Allison and James came over to grill and swim. It was a steamy 110 degrees, 3 percent humidity, pool water was 92 degrees, had a great meal, and an even greater ice cream cake to celebrate these two clowns:
You should have seen a couple of the poses for this shot...
HAPPY FATHER'S DAY (on this day late post)


Redhead in Vegas said...

sounds like you all had a great day. happy happy, gini's hubby!

Kim said...

Happy Father's Day, Bill!

Gini, you Techie, knew that Computer Programming training would come in handy one of these days!! :)

Allison said...

It was a great day! What a couple of all-around great Dads. AND UNCLES!

Denise said...

Happy Fathers Day, Bill!