Tuesday, May 6

The Squeals of Delight

coming out of Hannah, when she finally got home tonight and saw her new furniture,

is worth:
1. Every penny spent on it.
2. Not getting upset because her backpack and lunch box are strewn on the floor already.
3. Looking forward to all the posters of the Jonas Brothers, Drake Bell, etc etc etc, that will end up on the nice clean, neat walls.
4. The painted outlet covers, baseboards, ceiling, and cable outlets.
5. Her not sleeping in my bed tonight.
6. Putting up with the fact that the spare bedroom and bathroom in the same chaotic condition her room was in before above project.
7. Dealing with Garrin's temper tantrum at Home Goods today, as I tried to stuff 4 new pillows for her bed into the back of the cart which was evidently OFF LIMITS to anything other than my beautiful 2 year old. Did I mention he was 2??? Do you know how hard it is to fit absolutely everything you need in the front little compartment of a shopping cart that is supposed to fit the fanny of a 2 year old??
Anyway, people.
I am thrilled that she is thrilled.


Jerolyn said...

Ah I love it! So cute. So grown up...that part I don't love so much!

Redhead in Vegas said...

the room looks great! you guys did such a great job. i can relate to the shopping cart drama. we have the same ordeal every time we spend more than 20 minutes in target.

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

i love it too! how fun... i bet she was so excited! looks so fresh! maybe i should try this... to get my girls out of our room! :)

let me tell you... those two year old "moments" in the stores... i think i "lost it" a few times and frankly did not care who saw me!

that is such a hard time... a two year old just does not get how important shopping is! really :)

Kim said...

Beautiful room, Hannah! I'm jealous!!!

Denise said...

It looks great - better than my bedroom!!

Allison said...

whoo hoo! When is the slumber party!! I want to toss some of those pillows around, have a great big pizza on that bed, paint my toenails and sit back and watch the Jpnas Brothers!!