Monday, May 12

She's off........

Today is the big 5th grade class trip to Sea World, San Diego.

8:45 am. Gini: "Get out of the car, Hannah and let me take a quick shot of you before you leave me. Yes, I know you just shoved all that stuff in, but get out."

Hannah: "Ma-ahhmmmm, take the lens cap OFF the camera. Quick take the picture. I need to get to school."

Gini: "Hannah, nice fake smile. I am going to miss you, you know. Just give me one good shot."
Hannah: "I am NOT fake smiling (teeth practically grinding together)."

Hannah: "OK, you done??? I need to get back in the car. We have to go......"
I miss her already.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

she & her friends will take Sea World by storm! too fun!

Allison said...

Good thing Jerolyn is there to keep an eye on her! Nice shorts!!

Kim said...

Man, she's growing up too fast...

Hope you have fun, Hannah!

Redhead in Vegas said...

i am so excited for her! hope that it is not too hard on you, but i am sure that kiddo # 2 and 3 will keep you occupied.