Friday, May 30

It didn't matter that....

  • Garrin was an absolute pill yesterday from the minute he woke up and knowing we had to be at school at 10:30 for Connor's 2nd grade shindig
  • He entertained everyone in Connor's class by saying 'choo choo' non-stop while pretending that a ruler was a train, and they were giggling instead of paying attention to the teacher
  • I had to exit the classroom on 4 separate occasions during the Academic Awards and Presentation, the first time because he hit himself in the head with the camera
  • The second time because he threw a fit because I wouldn't give him the apple someone brought for the teacher
  • The third time because he was rummaging through everyone's desks
  • The fourth time - just because....
  • I couldn't take Connor out for lunch because Garrin needed to get home PRONTO..
  • I felt like total crap (and when I saw my friend Jer at school she told me to go straight home and rest......I obviously was not looking my best!)


I still got to see how proud Connor was for working hard as a second grader, how much he loves his teacher,

his classmates,

and putting on a little show about outer space!

And most of all how excited he is that he is going to be a third grader!!!

Yeah, Connor. Love you. I wouldn't have missed this for anything.


Jerolyn said...

You looked just fine...just very pale. I could tell you weren't feeling tip top. How bout' today any better?

Allison said...

Oh, my little nephew is not so "little" anymore. I just remember him in that great striped stocking cap, holding his hand and taking him out for pancakes and how ADORABLE he was. I CAN'T STAND how fast these kids are growing up!!! Feel better. Did you get any Nyquil yet?

LaAna said...

Well, now look at what you have to show for it, wonderful memories, awesome pictures, and a few frustration wrinkles to go with! But hey, I'll trade you your Choo-Choo for my "I make a poop, I make a poop, OOOH SCUSTING!!!" Happy Mothering!

PS - Thanks for the visit to my sorry excuse for a blog! I've loved seeing yours!

Kim said...

You rock, Connor! I can't believe you're going to be in 3rd grade! Love you like crazy.

Redhead in Vegas said...

Congrats, Connor!

hope you are feeling better.