Monday, May 12

I'm It

I have been tagged by brown eyed fox. She called it a 5x5 meme, so here it is..............I know you are all waiting with bated breath..............

Five Things In My Bag
1. Thomas the Tank Engine book

2. A Disney bus

3. A leopard print wallet that does NOT match my bag

4. My Blackberry

5. A fine point Sharpie marker

Five Favorite Things In My Room:
1. The first couch that Bill and I ever bought together (17 years ago) that we spent a ton of money on and IS and ALWAYS WILL BE the most comfortable couch EVER. Come on people, you know who you are, you've slept on it, you love it!!!!!

2. Black and White photos of Bill and the kids

3. My most awesome-est king size bed, that on occasion, my kids call their own. Their little bodies look so beautiful all curled up in it's big-ness.

4. Our Vizio TV from Costco - that has the greatest picture that I can watch Sunrise Earth on and feel like I am "in the moment".
5. My alarm clock - that so gently wakes me up at 5:05 EVERY WEEKDAY MORNING to get my a$$ to the gym.

Five Things I Have Always Wanted To Do:
1. Live on a tropical island and make baskets all day. Dang - I'd be tan and happy!

2. Have a day when I don't worry about dieting, working out, the size of my butt, cooking , cleaning, money, driving, laundry, upcoming schedules.........

3. Travel to Africa and become one with the wild. No seriously, I have this desire to spend time there. I think it has been my love of Animal Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom Lodge in Disneyworld that has sparked my interest. And I think I may have been a giraffe in a past life......

4. Own a coffee house.

5. Go to Italy.

Five Things I Am Currently Into:
1. Working out like a fiend, to one day see the results THAT I FRICKEN DESERVE AT THIS POINT...........HELLLLOOOO???

2. Making my backyard into the lush, tropical landscape that my husband so desperately wants it to be......I am gettin' there.

3. Trying to slow down driving. I am actually making a conscious effort.

4. Concentrating on getting Hannah to eat better, and hydrate better, which will in turn help her achieve her goal of swimming in the Summer Junior Olympics.

5. Taking my Hormone Replacement Therapy medication consistently, because as my doctor has instructed me, I am too young to not do this for myself. Sh*t, it's hard to remember, it's such a small, teeny weeny little pill......

Five People I Want To Tag:

4. Redhead in Vegas

5. I don't have anybody else that I can think of, but I know many of you that read my blog NEED to start blogging yourself....................DO IT.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

you're one of THOSE blackberry "crackberry heads" (as i refer to my husbands)... addictive! he communicates with it more than he does with me... seriously... sick! :) no you're a woman... you know how to multi-task... and do it all while on the phone!

don't you wonder how anyone could sleep on anything other than a king bed?

i am flipping impressed once again with your commitment to workout... five AM... you go girl! please Lord... help that rub off onto ME!


Redhead in Vegas said...

i just loved reading this post. it's so fun too see what other people are thinking and doing, even if it is just the everyday stuff.