Tuesday, May 20

The David's

I'm just sayin'....................

Since this guy didn't win:

This guy BETTER win:

Ok so it didn't help that Little David sang "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" which I love, by first and foremost Sir Elton John, and in a duet as well with George Michael. I know (deep down inside) that he did a pretty great job with it...............but
I would never buy a CD that he made.
Now The Other David, I would definitely do so, seeing as Daughtry's CD is in my top 5 (let's make that top 10, since Seal has 5 CD's). I listen to it wholly, and often. Love the whole dang thing. Love it.
So there. That's my vote.


Kim said...

We haven't watched Idol at all this season - that's so unlike us. I'll never forget how sad Connor was when Chris Daughtry got voted off.

Allison said...

Uh, if Cook doesn't win I am definitely NEVER watching Idol ever ever ever again. NEVER. NEVER!!! (Did I say Never?)

I mean it.


carissa... brown eyed fox said...

SO right sista!

Chris Daughtry... dreamy!

that is just what my mom & i were saying... who's music will people actually buy! David COOK! Where does the little David fit?

big drum roll tonight! yikes!

Kim said...

I'm digging the new design. Nice job, Allison!

Denise said...

Cool design! xo