Friday, May 30

It didn't matter that....

  • Garrin was an absolute pill yesterday from the minute he woke up and knowing we had to be at school at 10:30 for Connor's 2nd grade shindig
  • He entertained everyone in Connor's class by saying 'choo choo' non-stop while pretending that a ruler was a train, and they were giggling instead of paying attention to the teacher
  • I had to exit the classroom on 4 separate occasions during the Academic Awards and Presentation, the first time because he hit himself in the head with the camera
  • The second time because he threw a fit because I wouldn't give him the apple someone brought for the teacher
  • The third time because he was rummaging through everyone's desks
  • The fourth time - just because....
  • I couldn't take Connor out for lunch because Garrin needed to get home PRONTO..
  • I felt like total crap (and when I saw my friend Jer at school she told me to go straight home and rest......I obviously was not looking my best!)


I still got to see how proud Connor was for working hard as a second grader, how much he loves his teacher,

his classmates,

and putting on a little show about outer space!

And most of all how excited he is that he is going to be a third grader!!!

Yeah, Connor. Love you. I wouldn't have missed this for anything.

Thursday, May 29

Oh, well.

When you are a mom of three kids, three dogs, 3 fish and 2 gerbils, your husband is on a trip, you have tons of end-of-the-year school stuff going on, your daughter just changed swimming coaches and you pretty much need to stay on top of your game, that pretty much prohibits you from taking any of this:

no matter how much you have nighttime, sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, fever, and no sleep. Say some prayers. I feel like crap.

Tuesday, May 27

A Whirlwind Weekend

How does it happen that you get one day added to the weekend, you think you'll have that extra day to relax, and it becomes just as busy and full??? That's what having friends is all about, isn't it? Extra time to get together and have fun.

The weekend started with a swim meet. Both kids swam. Not too many shots of Hannah because I was too busy yelling at for her......

Some breaststroke:

Here is my Connor getting up on the blocks ready to race. It's hard to believe that I have two swimmers. I always think of Connor as the soccer player - he is a good little swimmer though, too!

A little backstroke:

A little breaststroke:

After the meet on Saturday, we hosted the Scorpions end of the season party. What a great ending to an UNDEFEATED SEASON - Peter Piper Pizza, games, pizza, cake and trophies. Here is Coach Bill, Assistant Coach Jaime, and their nine boys! Well, eight. One boy was MIA.

Bill, Jaime and Connor:

More swimming on Sunday. Connor did his first ever Long Course (50 meters) butterfly. He was not happy with having to do it - but got through it just fine. What topped of the meet for him was finding out that he took 5th place over-all for Boys 8 years and under. Not too bad for a 7 year old!!! Congratulations Connor.

And then Miss Hannah - got herself Runner Up High Point (#2) for Girls 10 and under. Do you think she's happy about that??

Here she is with her friend Nikki who took 1st place.

And lastly, yesterday, we just barbecued with Chris, Allison and James and some friends. It had to have been one of the best "weather" days outside yesterday. Just beautiful. Great day to celebrate our friends birthday!

Happy Birthday Jennifer!

Friday, May 23

At Christopher's Request...

My brother had a post on his blog, yes he blogs.....I'm trying to get Bill to as well, where he found a photo of himself 8 years ago and put it with a current photo - to show just how damn old he looks now how he still looks like a baby. He challenged anyone and everyone to do the same.

This is all I could find. Me, seven years ago..........

..........and me now.

Just kidding.
Sorry Chris, I couldn't go back 8 years - it was around the time we left Connecticut for Nevada. Anyhoo, found a shot from 7 years ago..........(dammit).
The kids and me at Krispy Kreme:

Holy Mama.
And me today. Actually is was today. Made Connor take this before he left for school.

Man I look old.

Thursday, May 22

Holy American Idol......

I looked to the heavens above and said,

Yes, Virginia... Gini.....,

there is a Santa Claus God,


David Cook


American Idol!!!
And I got to see Seal and George Michael........ahhhhhhh.

Tuesday, May 20

The David's

I'm just sayin'....................

Since this guy didn't win:

This guy BETTER win:

Ok so it didn't help that Little David sang "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" which I love, by first and foremost Sir Elton John, and in a duet as well with George Michael. I know (deep down inside) that he did a pretty great job with it...............but
I would never buy a CD that he made.
Now The Other David, I would definitely do so, seeing as Daughtry's CD is in my top 5 (let's make that top 10, since Seal has 5 CD's). I listen to it wholly, and often. Love the whole dang thing. Love it.
So there. That's my vote.

Yesterday, Today and the Foreseeable Future

........but I'll be back.

Sunday, May 18

Going Green

Next to purple, I think my next favorite color is green. And with all the talk these days about "going green", I am trying slowly but surely to incorporate "green" into my life. So I went around the house today looking for things I have that are G.R.E.E.N.

My part in making the earth a better place, is this stuff: green works I use it obsessively!!

One of Connor's 973 balls that he owns - a little green bouncy ball

This is the shampoo the kids swear by after swimming. In a pretty green bottle.

And this is Connor's mesh bag, that all his (wet) swim gear goes in. Dirty but still green.

Garrin's ride-on Kawaski that is green.

A bunch of silk greens in an urn in the living room.

And a candle of course, a green one, and perched on a candle holder with green pears.

But, wait. One more thing. One more green thing that I found.
hmmmmm, what could it be, you are wondering???
One more thing, huh?
Oh yeah, THAT WOULD BE MY POOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I photoshopped it to show you how lovely it is
when it is blue like it's supposed to be!!!!!!!!

At least the pump is working now.

Saturday, May 17

Dear Mr. Pool Guy..

I know that you think you are the best thing since sliced bread, but I beg to differ with you, and this is the reason for this note.

I called you on Wednesday this week, because you are the person who JUST RECENTLY put in a new motor for our pool pump. Don't think that it did not matter to me that it took you AT LEAST a couple of weeks before our original call to you, for you to even show up at our house. In hindsight, if I had know the extent of YOUR TOOTING YOUR OWN HORN to my husband, when he met you on an airplane, I would have not even allowed you to step foot onto my property. Back on point. You took your sweet ass time getting out to our house the first time, and when you did finally show up, we had to listen to you go ON AND ON AND ON about how busy you are, fixing everyone's pools (because you are so awesome) and how busy you are teaching ALL THE OTHER POOL GUYS how to do things the right way (because, again, you are so awesome). So when you finally left 4 HOURS LATER, it was determined that we needed a new motor for the pump.

Which took FOREVER for you to even get back out to our house to put it in. We waited and waited. And everyday that I had to go outside to do something, or wanted to go outside to just enjoy my backyard, and I had to listen to how loud the broken motor was - I got more and more pissed off everyday that you didn't show. Now, mind you, I wasn't just waiting for you for the sheer sake of waiting. YOU TOLD US on numerous occasions that you would be over THE NEXT DAY. NOW, trust me when I say, I realized what THE NEXT DAY means. In whatever friggin dictionary you have at your house it means: When I damn well feel like it. Well, Mister, that pisses me off too.

Anyhoo. It gets installed as we listen to you go on about HOW FANTASTIC YOU ARE, and how only FIVE (5) pool guys in the ENTIRE LAS VEGAS VALLEY, one of which includes you - knows what they are doing. Two hours later..........

The story comes current this past Wednesday when I go outside to SILENCE. The pool pump did not come on at all, nor can I get it to turn on. WHAT THE HELL???? So after checking to make sure a breaker wasn't tripped, we (Bill) started the phone calls to you.

You STILL have not gotten to our house to replace/fix/I-don't-care-what-the-heck-you-do-just-git-'er-done. So after all the promises you made to my husband, ('cause he's a guy and just listens to your crap), I had to call you this morning.

1. My pool looks like sh%t.
2. It has not been running for 4 days.
3. It is hotter than heck here.
4. It's only gonna get hotter.
5. I would like to be swimming with my family.
and 6. I am getting more and more angry listening to all my neighbors having fun, while I am fuming.

The resulting argument we had on the phone has gotten me no closer to resolving this issue. Why? Because you bull-sh%tted me with your bull-sh%t excuses on how if you don't come "WHENEVER THE HELL YOU FEEL LIKE" (supposedly tomorrow), I am never going to find someone to fix it when and how I want it done. And low-and-behold, you JUST HAPPENED to be at the pool supply store, picking up my new pump, saying to me "NOW DO YOU WANT ME TO PICK THIS PUMP UP, OR NOT?" Nice attitude to be taking with a pissed off, hot headed Italian, menopausal, Type A 42 year old...........

You can, buddy. Pick it up. And if you are not here tomorrow morning...........LOOK OUT. Because my nice husband who talks nice to you while you are obviously bull-sh%tting HIM, is leaving on a business trip and I WILL BE THE ONE HOME!!!!!

Friday, May 16

I skipped my spinning class today.

Never do "leg" strength training with your personal trainer the day before a spinning class, because............

I never knew I had these eight muscles in my thighs:

these eight muscles in my butt:

and these two muscles in my calves:

until this morning at 5:05 am when the alarm went off.

Thursday, May 15


"can you please,............"

"do something nice..........."

"with your hair today.........."

"so when I come to see you receive.............."

" the Presidential Champion medal for getting the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.........."

"three years in a row.............."

"I can take some pretty pictures of you??????????" "Can you?"
I guess that was a "no", this morning. Love you anyway. I still think you are beautiful. Congratulations my little super star.

Wednesday, May 14


I DO NOT have time to play with photoshop.........but it was so much fun.

Some flowers in our yard:

And my beautiful little guy before:

and after:

Tuesday, May 13

How do I get these?

The time it takes me to "put these on" everyday: 5 minutes

The amount of money I spend on "these" every month: $7.99

The mind-games I have to play with myself every time a new mascara hits the market - (longer, fuller, lusher, thicker...): So NOT PRICELESS
Connor gets 'em for free.............not fair.