Friday, April 11

Then and Now

One of my favorite blogs to read, brown eyed fox , does this thing called "way back....wednesday" where she posts an old photo.

Low and behold, a couple of days ago, Bill sends me a picture of Hannah from "way back" on her First Communion day that he found on his work computer.

I am calling this 'FREAK ME OUT.....FRIDAY'!!!!!!!!!!!
Where has my baby gone???

then: 7yrs.
and now: 10yrs.

1. She would never be caught dead in a dress now.
2. She has a killer body - not an ounce of baby fat ANYWHERE!
3. She would never let me curl her hair like that now - the straighter the better.
4. She has probably highlighted her hair at least 6 or 8 times since that first picture.
5. What did she say to Bill and I this morning while we were all eating breakfast...??? "You have to eat it and then burn I do..."
Yeah, whatever Hannah. I'm tryin' baby...........


Kim said...

Unbelievable...I should scan some old pictures of her and put them on my blog...

Allison said...

Wow--remember the days of Blues Clues, hair bows and Hanna Anderson?

Jerolyn said...

booo hoooo (sob, sob) hooo, hoo, hoooo.(snif, snif) Whaaa haa haa!

did I mention we're in the same boat?

Kim said...

Hey - email me those pictures you posted on your sidebar of Connor and Garrin. I was able to grab the one of Hannah. Thanks!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

freakin me out friday... i love it! SO dad gum funny!

does Hannah KNOW how cute she is? my goodness! those fabulous freckles! I ALWAYS... dreamed of having freckles... SO wanted them! never was so lucky.

great post! :)

Anonymous said...

hannah is gorgeous...