Sunday, April 27

Sunday Night Was...

the cherry on top
the last hurrah
with whipped cream on top - hell-uv-a-great-way-to-end-the-weekend.

Hectic is the word for the last couple of days. 2 excruciatingly long days at a swim meet, soccer, birthday party, hockey game, home show, yadda yadda yadda. I really just wanted to grill some food and hang out at home; me, Bill and the kids. So we did just that, enjoying how pretty the backyard is. New potted plants, new trees, the pool pump fixed so it isn't deafening to stay outside for any extended period of time, our newly shop-vac-ed decking, flowers, and the incredibly gorgeous weather outside.

So Bill grilled and Hannah made her very first salad - a.l.l. b.y. h.e.r.s.e.l.f!!! She was thrilled.

How fancy! She called this her Italian salad. She asked for fresh basil and parsley from our little herb garden. Taa Daa.
And check out these gooey, cheesy cheeseburgers Bill made.....

and the grilled chicken breasts for his lunch tomorrow....

After dinner we started a fire in the fire pit and made smores.........mmmmmmm mmmmmm.. Even Lucy wants to partake in some of it.......

Connor likes the marshmallows NOT toasted, but wanted to put them over the fire just the same. I ate them.....

The kids actually splashed around in the pool a bit. Brrrr (Until its like 90) and we just hung out with the dogs in front of the fire. Lucy and Bill in a staring contest.

These dogs know who loves them the best......

Bill and Garrin.

Great way to call it A WEEKEND. Not too many nights like this one.


The Institute for Caregiver Education said...

Glad you had fun--we missed you over here! We were going to have a blast (and you could have had the added benefit of smelling like onion rings, LOL)

Tutta la Storia said...

whoops, that was me

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

dad gum it... my mouth is watering... and i'm NOT kidding!
SO ready to do some grilling!

way to go... miss salad extraordinaire! yum!

you need ANOTHER day to relax after that weekend! busy bee!

are your doggies whippets? i have always had a fascination for them... of course not knowing a thing about them! they are SOOOOO cute! are they great dogs?

happy day to ya!

Jerolyn said...

"Like sands through the hourglass... so are the Days of Our Lives."
Before it gets Scorching hot that is, and even then, we have our pools to cool off in now don't we?
like I said.....ahhhhhhh!

Kim said...

That's what weekends are meant to be all about! Gorgeous salad, Hannah!